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Problems with Artec DHM-G48 DVD ROM

By msfinney ·
My Dvd-rom will not recognize any type of cd in the tray. Have tried to download new drivers etc but nothing seems to work. Anyone know of specific reasons this might happen? My husband and I both have the same drive & both are having the same problems.

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by TheChas In reply to Problems with Artec DHM-G ...

First, we need to see if this is a hardware or Windows issue.

Does the drive spin the CD at all?

When you insert a CD and close the drawer, the drive should scan for the file table track on the CD and then stop spinning the disk.

If the drive does not spin the disk at all, then the optics are very dirty, or the spindle motor has failed.

If the drive does spin the CD, then we need more information:
Version of Windows.
What DVD software is installed.

Anything else that you think might be special about your systems.


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by LiamE In reply to Problems with Artec DHM-G ...

Do the drives play DVDs okay or is it just CDs that they dont like?

If its just CDs that wont play that kind of narrows out dirty optics and failed spindles etc.

Are the CDs you are using originals or CDRs / CDRWs etc? Its very possible that these wont be readable. Check the spec of your drive - particularly about CDRW+/- if appropriate. Some drives are just 'fussy' about CDRs and will read them if written on one drive but not if written on another.

If it wont read and original CD's though I'd be tempted to get a refund.....

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by msfinney In reply to Problems with Artec DHM-G ...

It tries to read the disk (this is happening in both the cdrw drive & dvd-rom) but acts as if no disk is in the drive. The cdrw drive also alternately goes in and out by itself if you press the button to eject, like it is being delayed. I had the same problem with my dvd-rom & found out it was the software. The problem now thou is my husbands cdrw wont read a disk, so I cant fix the dvd-rom. Im so frustrated im just thinking about buying a new one... Thanks for the reply TheChas!

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