Problems with Booting after Removing the Battery from the Motherboard

By dirkthedirk ·
We have a Dell XPS T600 (Pentium 3) running Windows 98, unfortunately it was attacked by a myriad of viruses so we attempted to format it.

For a reason I have forgotten why the traditional way (reinstallation CD to format drive at boot)did not work.

We proceeded by pulling out the CMOS battery in the Motherboard for approximately 30 minutes before plugging it back in.

Now when attempting to boot it will not see the reinstallation disc in the DVD-ROM Drive, However it does show up (so it is recognized). The Drive doesn't have power lots of the time (I checked a different drive that worked in a different XPS T600 that was the same one).

I tried switching to a new battery and I've played around with the settings

I am at a complete loss of what to do.

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By pulling the battery, you caused the info in the CMOS to get reset

by ManiacMan In reply to Problems with Booting aft ...

You now need to go into the BIOS and to keep things simple, reset the BIOS to the system defaults as there should be an option for it there. That should fix the problems of your DVD drive not being detected.

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A couple of things that need changing

by OH Smeg In reply to By pulling the battery, y ...

You need to reset the BIOS Time & Date or the system will not work. You can not install Files to the HDD before they where written so the system will reject these files as wrong. Computer Logic you got to love it.

You also as well as setting the System Defaults need to set the Boot Order so the the Install Disc will be looked at first rather that attempting to load off the HDD. You should set the Boot Order to First Boot Device Floppy Drive if Fitted, then the Second Boot Device Optical Drive this will be either CD or DVD Drive depending on what is fitted lastly the Third Boot Devoice needs to be the Systems HDD.

Remember to Save the Changes when you exit and then allow the system to reboot with the Install Disc in the Optical Drive and reinstall as required.


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