Problems with drive cloning

By mduecker ·
I have a laptop that is almost three years old and have been trying to upgrade and replace the hard drive. I have Acronis for backing up the drive and tried to use it to clone the drive with no success. The process completes but some of the programs on the new drive will not work at all. I've run the process five times now with varying degrees of success but none are correct. I bought Spotmau a couple weeks back for another reason and used it to do the clone but it didn't work either. I'm very frustrated but want to get the image completed before the drive dies all together which is soon to happen because of the age. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

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You could see how you go with these

by Jacky Howe In reply to Problems with drive cloni ...
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Tried all of these

by mduecker In reply to You could see how you go ...

I tried all of these and none worked. I finally used Acronis to create and image and then restored from the image. It seems to be working alright so far. Thanks for the help.

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Acronis can be a pita

by Jacky Howe In reply to Tried all of these

sometimes. I have had to do it a couple of times before I have had success with it. Good Luck.

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By your description here you have more than 1 Partition on this HDD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problems with drive cloni ...

These Cloning Utilities Do Not Clone the entire HDD they clone the Partition so if you have more than 1 Partition you need to clone the second Partition as well as the first and because this is a NB you may also be required to clone the recovery Partition which is something you Can Not see when Windows Is Running.

Generally you use the DOS Part of these Cloning Utilities and start working from th Primary Partition which is the FAT 32 Recovery Partition then the Boot Partition which you see as the C Partition when Windows is running and finally the D Partition.

What you appear to be doing here is just Cloning the Boot Partition so that any Applications Installed tot he D partition do not get copied and are not available for use because there simply are not there.

Also to help increase the lives of all NB's you should be using a Cool Pad under them like this one


As they keep dust out of the Cooling Vents of the NB and allow the CPU and HDD to run considerably cooler so they the heat that they =generate doesn't adversely impact on the Electronics of the NB.


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Only one partition

by mduecker In reply to By your description here ...

The drive has only one partition. I finally got the image and restore to work. The clonse just would not work. Thanks for the help.

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Not sure if this helps but..

by Nimmo In reply to Problems with drive cloni ...

Are any errors been genereated when you try and launch the programs that are failing to run?

Did you look at the log files in the management console to get more infomation about what is happening when you try and launch the programs?

When you clone a drive you are taking an exact image of the drive, therefore you are copying all hardware specific files which could be causing issues.

I'm not sure if Acronis has the ability to do a hardware independant restore, if it does then you should run the restore with that option checked.

You could always try running sysprep then clone the drive,.

If all else fails I suggest you download a trial of Shadow Protect, just download the desktop version its all you need.


Shadow protect will create an image at sector level so you will need to run a HIR restore, otherwise you'll blue screen.

I have never seen this software fail and I've restored many different images onto different architecture.

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