Problems with emails arriving in junk & inbox from same sender?

By ian_harrington ·
Outlook 2007 - Inbox + Junk mail
Hi, I have a user that has two pcs (in different locations) and obviously they ar eon the network and running Office 2007. On one particular PC the user is finding some mail from senders in his junk and some in his inbox. This is the same person sending mail and it will go, randomly, in either the junk or inbox. Now I ama ware of safe lists etc but it is with a lot of emails that come in. It does not relate to attachments as it happens sometimes with and sometimes without attachments.

I have checked the rules and nothing there either.

Anything I can do apart from adding each time the sender to the safe list?


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On the affected PC

by jfuller05 In reply to Problems with emails arri ...

does the user have an anti-spam filter like Spambayes installed on the PC? If spambayes isn't setup correctly, it will send some safe emails to the junk folder. That would explain why the other PC receives the email correctly and why the problem PC sends some safe emails into the junk folder.

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Reponse To Answer

by ian_harrington In reply to On the affected PC

Hi, no the only thing installed is our antivirus on all the company network pcs. It is really weird... unsure why some emails come into junk and others into inbox, from the same person. But also it is random on who the sender is.

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Is there a junk mail filter enabled

by markp24 In reply to Problems with emails arri ...


have you checked the junk mail filter list for odd rules, (IE if the mail has a keyword IE "RED" in it move it to junk mail) or two rules handing the same keyword or attribute of the mail?
or manybe the antivirus is filetering some mail (if it has mail intergration) and the the outlook filter is filtering other email?

maybe there are Different rules on each pc?

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by dcolbert Contributor In reply to Problems with emails arri ...

If the subject line looks "spammy", it will sometimes trigger filters, or even the IMF value.

I had a message from our CEO go into recipient junk mail boxes - but the subject line was something like, "How shall we move forward now, men?", or something like that which just fit the algorithm for spam. Changed the subject to someting that didn't sound like Nigerian Scam English, and it went right through.

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