Problems with excel when plugged into the network

By matt.ogle ·
Can anyone please help us ? When our computers are plugged into the network it takes around four or five minutes to open excel documents. If you unplug the network cabell before atempting to open the files they open imediatly. The computers that the problems are occuring on are Toshiba satelite pro A120-159. There other problems when plugged into the network such as being generally slow and unreliable......

Please help !!!!!

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by cajunj In reply to Problems with excel when ...

does it only run slow for excel or does it run for all programs... If so, it could be because your machine is trying to pull down the latest windows updates and/or virus/spyware defs on a slow network connection... During that time your computer could being putting all it processor and ram to that process...

After you connect to the network run windows updates and all virus/spyware updates and see if your computer continues to run slow while connected

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Thanks for your reply.......

by matt.ogle In reply to Updates

We did have a some problems with all the computers in the company because the anti virus software we download onto the computers from the server (sophos) was not updating so all the computers have had viruses and spyware on them. When we fixed that problem everything seemed fine but now we are having simlar problems again. But it only seems to be when connect to the network.

It happens all day long whatever the time of day. Could it be that they are trying to update for this amount of time ?

Thankyou for posting a reply.

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Is it all programs

by cajunj In reply to Thanks for your reply.... ...

Does this happen with all programs are just excel....?

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Excel and word

by matt.ogle In reply to Is it all programs

The problems are mainly with excel and word but the strange thing is when you have excel open and you drag a file into it then the file opens up immediately ??

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Same experience

by rhardy In reply to Excel and word

We have a few users reporting a similar problem when opening Excel or Word files that are located on a mapped drive. Seems like Excel will be unresponsive along with the explorer.exe window that was used to browse to the file.
We can immediately open the same file using your method (open blank Excel, then drag and drop file) -so far no lock ups doing this.
Please let me know if you figured out the cause!

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Its fixed !!!!!

by matt.ogle In reply to Same experience

I found a web site with step by step instructions on how to fix your problem which is semmingly exactly the same as we were having.
Here's the link :-**54

Hope it helps !!

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updates, yes. MSOffice and Windows. Apply them.

by sgt_shultz In reply to Problems with excel when ...

I would address the general slowness problems first or at least along with excel. Office programs especially unservice packed ones display this known issue on a slow network and under other (numerous) circumstances. I'd search under my network os for 'slow network' and maybe 'slow excel network' and you'll begin to see all the factors that can come into play.
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