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Problems with Exchange 5.5 SP4 MTA?

By purdy ·
Ever since my company upgraded our Exchange 5.5 servers to SP4, we've encountered problems with our MTA. It began with a crashing MTA, which would log no errors to the event log - it would simply stop. Now, after MS's suggested course of action - re-applying the SP and re-running the Optimizer, our problem has mutated. Our event log begins showing some 9318's and 9316's, but when we attempt RPings between servers, we get no failed pings. Everything looks like it should be up and screaming like a banshee, but messages pile up - sometimes in the queues, sometimes in the Private Information Store. Regardless, it's the same net effect for our users - the messages hang in their outbox. Someone from our Exchange team always has to either stop and restart the MTA, or reboot the server. Of lately, our MTA has not always been found in a controllable state, thus necessitating the reboot. Before the reapplication of SP4, it was a simple bandaid fix. While we waited for MS to give us a solution, I scheduled a "net start MSExchangeMTA" batch file to happen every 3 hours, which seemed to catch the problem before we had too many people calling in about it. Now, however, our MTA is never found in a controllable state. Have others noticed these problems, and if so, has anyone been given or found a fix or workaround?

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Problems with Exchange 5.5 SP4 MTA?

by ncouch In reply to Problems with Exchange 5. ...

Option #1 - I have seen this 9316/9318 problem is where you are using Site Connectors over links which are not up to snuff. Our solution is to switch to X.400 connectors which do not require the RPC protocols.

Option #2 - Have you checked your link speed between the NIC card and the Ethernet switch. In short are they set for the same speed. I have seen instances where the server NIC was set at 100MB Full Duplex and the Ethernet Switch was set at 100MB Half Duplex. Once set at the same speed the 9316/9318 events drop off to infrequent occruences (I have never been able to get rid of them totally).

I hope this helps.

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