Problems with hyperlinks to bookmarks in Word2007 vs Word2003

By PJTee ·
I have been working on a Word document that was originally created in Word 2003 and which already had several hyperlinks to bookmarks within the same document (most of the bookmarks are graphics). Since being upgraded to Word 2007, I have done extensive changes to the document and introduced more hyperlinks to bookmarks within the same document (again most of these are graphics). There are now approximately 100 hyperlinks to bookmarks and a handful of hyperlinks to external sources, as well as close to a 100 graphics.
The problem I have is that now some of the hyperlinks to bookmarks don?t work in compatibility mode in 2007. There is also a table of contents in the document and that works fine.
If I go back to a pc that only has Word 2003 installed then everything in the document is fine again once I remove the problem hyperlinks and then remake them. But if I reopen the repaired file in Word 2007 sometimes some of the same problem hyperlinks don?t work again and or sometimes different ones stop working. So it seems that I can fix the problem if I only make changes and view the file in Word 2003 but I need to circulate the document to people who only have Word 2007.
Can anyone tell me whether there is a maximum number of bookmarks and hyperlinks that can be used in one document, and/or a maximum number of graphics that can be inserted, or is this purely a compatibility issue between Word 2007 and Word 2003.
If you can help or advise in any way I?d be very grateful.

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How big is the Actual Document?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problems with hyperlinks ...

Word is great for small Documents buy lacks a lot of usefulness when it comes to very large Documents. It was never designed to do things like that.

If the Document is extremely large I can see things not just the Embedded Hyperlinks breaking down and causing problems like what you are describing here.


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211 pages, 8.7 Mb ...

by PJTee In reply to How big is the Actual Doc ...

The document is in 2 sections, one is portrait one is landscape. Only one font used througout. There is also a graphic in the header and about 50 tables (though each one quite small) in addition to all the hyperlinks and graphics I mentioned earlier. Also there are about 120 headings styled as Headings1 to 3, all of which are picked up in the Table of Contents - so thats another 120 hyperlinks on top of the manually generated ones. So quite a bit going on!


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That's a bit too big for Word

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 211 pages, 8.7 Mb ...

For large documents like that I use Corels Ventura though I don't know if they still make it. It picks up where things like Word leave off.


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Do you have any approximate limits on numbers of hyperlinks etc?

by PJTee In reply to That's a bit too big for ...

I've tried to search Word help and other online forums for actual limits on things like the maximum number of hyperlinks, graphics, tables, sections breaks, etc that can be included in any one document but haven't succeeded so far.

The problem is that the account manager for this particular project wants me to put some blurb on our intranet as to the pros and cons of creating this kind of document, as this project ended up going way over budget because of me having to spend long hours trying to fix the hyperlink problem and wants to warn other accounts if they are thinking of taking on a similar project. She wants my writeup to be backed up with hard figures though - such as maximum number of hyperlinks.

Any info gratefully received.

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Sorry but I'm not a word user

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Do you have any approxima ...

I still prefer Word Perfect over word so I have not been using word all that much since Word Perfect Office became available.

I ran into way too many problems with Word and besides Word Perfect had better features, things like Make it Fit which allowed you to expand/shrink documents with 1 or 2 clicks.

But from my memory it's not so much the number of Links and so on but the actual size of the document, though I'm sure that a high number of Hyperlinks isn't a good idea. But any thing over about 1.5 MEG is way too big for any Word Processor as they are not designed to publish things that big.

Perhaps here Publisher would be a better option if you have that available.


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OK, thanks anyway!

by PJTee In reply to Sorry but I'm not a word ...

Thanks for your suggestions unfortunately we are tied to using MS Office in all our group companies. Taking the whole document into publisher might be an option for future - the client had already not wanted us to lay the document out properly in Adobe InDesign by our Design dept as they thought the Word route would be a cheaper option. Think it's been a false economy in the long run!!


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Link to captions instead of graphics

by mhudnall In reply to Problems with hyperlinks ...

I would recommend that you link to the captions for the images in your Word documents. In Word 2007's References tab, go to the Captions group and select Cross-Reference. Select to cross-reference to Figures (your captions), and then select the figure you want to cross-reference. Readers can then just click the cross-reference to move to the image. I have experienced no problems with my docs created in Word 2003 but used in 2007. Also, some of my documents exceed 200 pages, so size of the document does not seem to be an issue.

Good luck!

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