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Problems with Internet Explorer

By prawlings ·
Within the last week, I have seen four computers with the same problems. They all will not surf the net and when you type in a different web page to go to, it pulls up a box that says internet explorer can not open the page. I have searched for manyhours trying to find a solution to my problem. I have ripped TCP/IP, the connectoid, renamed the .386's, etc. Nothing seems to work but a format and reinstall. I hate formating a computer because it is almost like defeat. If anybody has any suggestions please give me a shout at

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Please do not format

by svrarvind In reply to Problems with Internet Ex ...


There might be a problem with your Lan Settings.Please check your Lan Settings and also see if you are using a proxy server.If you are using a proxy server please uninstall and reinstall again.It should work fine.Some times restarting the machine would set it fine.

Please get back to me and let me know.

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IE Problems

by NKQX57A In reply to Problems with Internet Ex ...

Only four out of a total of ??, are having problems. If you are behind a firewall you need to verify the proxy settings; this also applies to using an ISP. Reformating and reinstalling should only be the last resort.

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by Grey_Woolf In reply to Problems with Internet Ex ...

The individuals above have good info; ie, Are all these PCs on the same network? Are you using a "Firewall?" A proxy server?

In an effort of expendience lets "assume" these PCs are not on the same network:
- DNS settings?
- Gateway ID?

If using a commercial ISP:
- set the TCP/IP settings to let allow the IP Address to be set automatically.
- Disable WINS
- Use gateway on remote host.

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repair IE

by sjsmiley In reply to Settings


Have you considered a repair of IE, to do so select add remove programs click on IE then select remove this will prompt you with an option to repair an installation of IE, It requires the following though - internet tools is installed and a restart. Let me know how you go.


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