Problems with Limewire.exe

By onekaai ·
After downloading this program all the files proceed to install with the exception of limewire.exe. It says I don't need this file, but when I try to open the program it does not because of the missing exe portion

any suggestions?

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You might already have it ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Problems with Limewire.ex ...

Just that it resides in a different location.

I'm assuming you are attempting to open it using an icon?

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by SPC_TCOL In reply to Problems with Limewire.ex ...

The last 5 computer i had here that used limewire where so virus and rootkit infected, it took a long time to remove all this stuff.

I am not sure why someone want's to download things with limewire.

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looks like your stuck someplace in the middle

by Snuffy09 In reply to Problems with Limewire.ex ...

download revo uninstaller

this tool is better than windows uninstaller because it will clean your registry of the program you "uninstalled" Windows does a crappy job of cleaning up after uninstalled programs of course the program writers are no help either

anyway... use this program to uninstall limewire, run in moderate mode then select all items found left behind and click delete.

restart and try to reinstall, should work smooooth now.

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Problems With Limewire.exe

by psychometricx In reply to Problems with Limewire.ex ...

After using Limewire for quite some time with no problems, suddenly I would go to start it up(Limewire.exe) and it would show the Limewire Logo but not start up. I have a Dual Boot situation and it would work on my Windows Vista but not my Windows 7 (It used to work on both). I tested the same file on my other 2 computers and it worked fine. Problem turned out to be my Java installation was either outdated or corrupted. I just uninstalled Java and went to their website and re-installed the latest version. Everything is great now.

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