Problems with MS-OUTLOOK 2007

By julijanta ·
Helo there,

Would anyone has experienced this problem before?

I am upgrading my office from Office 2k3 Pro -> Office 2k7 Enterprise. I have installed WDS 3.01 [and recently uninstall it again] for instant search feature. Service pack 1 and all the recommended update from MS website has also been installed.

The frustating things are [BTW the mail is POP3 and it works ok with outlook 2k3]:
1. MS-Outlook failed to open [hangs] when opens whenever there is internet connection. I have tried to use safemode which sometimes also fail.
Try to disconnect it spam filter from ZoneAlarm, but still failed to load.
I have also tried to repair & re-installed the whole office 2k7 ent, but still fail to load. The rest of the office apps work great.

2. When it did load-up, it receive e-mails [shown in the status bar X from Y (zz kB of yy)], but it didn't appear at all in any folder.
I have: -. turn off all the rules.
-. off the HTML [outlook today]
-. searching in the whole PST for mail/doc received

The strange things, if I sync with my PDA via ActiveSync 4.5 [build 5096], the new e-mail shown in PDA. But still, it didn't show-up anywhere in MS-Outlook 2k7 [as if it didn't exist].

Please help me... as it really pushed me to the wall.

Please CC your answer to my mail: julijanta[at]gmail[dot]com

-= JG =-

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