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Problems with my sleep

By Hungerr ·
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Do you have problems with your sleep? What tips can you share to avoid them?

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professional help

by john.a.wills In reply to Problems with my sleep

I had several occasions of falling asleep when I shouldn't have done. An appropriate referral had me take a so-called "sleep study", in which I spent the night in bed with various wires attached to me. It turned out that there was too much soft tissue in my bronchial system so that I was getting blockages which momentarily woke me up so that I was only sleeping about half the night. I was prescribed a respirator (CPAP) to keep my bronchial passages open by pressure at night, and falling asleep during the day is now much rarer.

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yeah i do have sleeping disorder

by harvey43si In reply to Problems with my sleep

eat simple foods which will come out from your body in time period of 4-5 hour do simple physical exercises and jumping on your home try to get tired and do whatever you like to make yourself busy don't do things which will fill you with regret emotion later try to avoid alcohol and tobacco and do some yoga this will make you happy and meditation simple breathing exercises will be enough and yes don't try to fix schedule because if you fail to complete it again you will feel defeated.....and do everything to get away from stress. if you need more ways to come over from your sleeping disorder ping me.

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problem with sleep

by asamits765 In reply to Problems with my sleep

If you have problem with your sleep, try to improve your daily routine and lifestyle. Eat healthy, don't eat outside food or junk food. Drink water more. Don't consume alcohol or other such things. Do yoga and exercises. Go to gym. Follow these things and you'll see improvements in your sleep. Try to sleep at least 6 hours a day.

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by nadarren4 In reply to problem with sleep

Agree! Yoga helped me a lot. They have breathing task that helps a lot, especially for those who are stressed.

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by malinka6 In reply to Problems with my sleep

Do you smoke and if so then do you smoke before you go to bed (for many it doesn’t matter even if they smoke before going to bed for some it does impact the sleep). If I smoke before going to bed then I struggle to sleep. Ensure that the last smoke of the day is at around 6 or 7 PM and post that don’t smoke. Have a glass of milk and am sure will sleep tight :-)

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by franksmith1863 In reply to Problems with my sleep

Learn hot to completely disconnect. No news, no tweets, no reflecting on todays problems, or anyone else’s problems. And develop a method to bore yourself to sleep. I dislike “counting sheep” but if I imagine that I am giving a lecture at a great university I drop off to sleep in a few minutes. Others like the mental imagery of being in a restful place.
Many people listen to audio recordings to guide them in learning these techniques. They can work to help you fall asleep and also return to sleep in the middle of the night. You can also buy a new mattress, I`ve chosen a great variant. It conforms to the body's natural architecture for comfortable and health sleeping. I don`t experience discomfort and back pain anymore. Do the massage of soles with mustered oil before going to bed, do not wash, clean with tissue paper, & take tea spoon of honey. Hope you`ll be better
But whatever it is, identify it and stick with it. These days I rarely make it to the podium….

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Use it

by Tytanius In reply to Problems with my sleep

I have a sleeping disorder for like 6 years now, nothing really helped. It caused depression and many other things. Over the years I've learned to just... use it. If I cant sleep, I dont, I do something else instead. Started couple jobs as a freelancer, copywriting, software developtment (great guys ) and tbh I was very effective in that. Now I only work at home, therefore I can sleep at the point where im actually sleepy after being 30hrs on the run. I run, I play basketball and im healthy, even do this lifestyle doesnt suggest that.

Not saying that you should go full me, but if u cant beat them join 'em, cope with yourself first, and maybe you will be back in the regular cycle soon :)

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Problems with my sleep

by Emma Parker In reply to Problems with my sleep

I go to bet at 12-1 and I sleep at 4-5 something in my mind keep bugging -- sometimes games, kids, friends work etc

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Same problem

by John Cater In reply to Problems with my sleep

It took 1 or 2 hours, for sleeping. I usually don't indulge in any other thing but i only lay down in bed and my brain start thinking useless things which is maybe the reason it took too long to sleep

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prayer may be the answer

by john.a.wills In reply to Same problem

If you are a Christian, repeat some Christian mantra subvocally, e.g. "Into thy hands oh Lord I commend my spirit". If you are a Buddhist I am sure you can think of a suitable mantra within that faith tradition. I am not sure whether Moslems have any suitable mantras - perhaps "la ilah ila Allah", though that seems to me not to have quite the right rhythm.

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