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    Problems with My VPN


    by hawksberry ·

    I have setup VPN on my Windows NT server. Several computers running Windows 98 are having no problems. One computer running Windows 95 is able to connect and is assigned an IP address but that computer cannot ping the server or any other computer on the network. I download the DUN 1.5 update for Windows 95 but that didn’t help. Can someone help me.

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      Problems with My VPN

      by calves ·

      In reply to Problems with My VPN

      All I can think is the workgroup name that has to be the same as everyone else.
      However, since you already have several computers running it…
      What I don’t understand is that if he is already connected to the Web, why can’t he ping the servers? Firewall?
      One last thing is how many VPN channels did you create and when this person tries to connect do you have an available channel for it?
      Everything else fails, try to unistall all network settings and Dial Up networking, reboot the machine, reinstall it.

      Good luck!

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      Problems with My VPN

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to Problems with My VPN

      I’m trying to put this picture together so I hope you’ll pardon my questions. By VPN, I assume you mean dial-up access with PPTP?

      And when you say the Win95 computer connects, you mean that the modem connects and the machine is then assigned an IP address via DHCP, but then can’t ping anything on the network after that.

      I would first go to a DOS prompt, type in WINIPCFG and see if the assigned IP settings look reasonable – compare them to those assigned to the Win98 machines and pay particular attention to the subnet mask, IP address and gateway address. If not, I would probably uninstall and reinstall the IP stack (remove, re-boot and re-install).

      There is a known issue with Win95 PPTP clients that you can solve by using the IP address for the server rather than the NETBios name, but this situation doesn’t seem to fit that issue.

      I guess the other thing I would check it to make sure that the PPTP protocol is, in fact, installed and working on the Win95 machine. If it’s not, things would

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      Problems with My VPN

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to Problems with My VPN

      Hmmmm…I didn’t see the other answers getting u anywhere, so try this, as I know VPN a little. When you connect the VPN tunnel, is the login sucessful? If so, then you should surely be able to ping the server (PDC or BDC), unless u also use netbeui…:'(

      I have an idea that maybe that the assigned IP address is invalid. Try excluding that address thus forcing DHCP to give the win95 VPN client a different address. Check the IP addresses in WINIPCFG as well to be sure they are correct (subnet& gateway addresses).

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      Problems with My VPN

      by clarkr ·

      In reply to Problems with My VPN

      Assuming you are not completing authentication on the vpn server, turn off wins resolution. Win98 sets all this up when you install vpn, but in Win95 you have to manually tell it not to use wins for name resolution.

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