Problems with my windows?

By soul_alchemist ·
I have a computer pentium 2, when you start it up it blinks a blue screen and then restarts it will continue to do this and not stop until you select Safe mode. It will only startup in safe mode and when you do you don't have the internet in safe mode, System restore doesn't work it fails each time so I don't know what to do any suggestion?

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Pentium II ? - If so, which Windows are you running ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Problems with my windows?

To the best of my knowledge, any flavour of XP will not run on anything less than a Pentium III / 900MHz.

So, what are you trying to boot into?

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most likely

by .Martin. In reply to Pentium II ? - If so, w ...

Windows 95.

as for the problem, sounds like there is something wrong with the windows installation. If you have the CD, try doing a repair install.

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its because ghod hates you.

by balge In reply to Problems with my windows?

Which version of Windows are you (trying) to run? Is it XP, ME? Have you tried booting off the install CD to do a repair install?
FYI XP claims to run on any Intel or AMD CPU of 233MHz up and 64MB RAM - experience says it may not even boot at that, more like 350MHz+, P2 or up and 256MB RAM to make it usable
please clarify your question a little

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XP install requirements.

by 1bn0 In reply to Problems with my windows?

Just for information.

XP will install on a P2-350/128 but is basically useless.

ON a C400/128 it is functional but slow.

As for the original question:

The symptoms also may be another example of blown mother board capacitors.

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Well it all depends on what you have in the way of Install Media here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problems with my windows?

If it is a System Makers Recovery Disc you only have one option and that is to use this Disc and rebuild the OS. But that will involve running a Format and loosing all of your currently installed Applications and Data.

You could Boot into Safe Mode and try open the Run Box and type SFC System File Checker but you'll need your install Media to return all altered files to as they where when the first install of this system was done.

Alternatively if you have a M$ Branded Install Disc you can perform a In Place/Upgrade Install. Here I'll provide a link to the method for doing this with XP SP2 as any P2 of 400 MHZ or above with a decent amount of RAM will run XP and this is probably what you are doing here but if not the same basic directions apply to the older versions of Windows.

Reinstall Windows XP Service Pack 2
If Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) was installed on your computer before you reinstalled Windows XP, you must reinstall SP2. If you did not already reinstall SP2 with the Windows XP in the previous section, use one of the following methods to reinstall SP2 now.
Method 1: Obtain the service pack CD and reinstall the service pack after you reinstall Windows XP
To order Windows Service Pack 2 on CD, visit the following Microsoft Web site: (
Method 2: Download the service pack after you reinstall Windows XP
For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
322389 ( How to obtain the latest Windows XP service pack
Reinstall all updates to Windows
After you reinstall Windows XP, you must reinstall all updates to Windows also. To reinstall Windows updates, visit the following Microsoft Web site: (
Reinstall Internet Explorer 7
When Windows XP is repaired and is running correctly, reinstall Internet Explorer 7. To do this, you will need the Internet Explorer 7 installation package. This package is available through Windows Update. Also, the package may still be on the computer from the first time that you installed Internet Explorer 7. Locate the installation package in the folder in which you saved the files, and reinstall the program.

Note This package may be located in the Temporary Internet Files folder. If you cannot locate the Internet Explorer 7 installation package, visit the following Microsoft Web site to obtain this package: (
To connect to the Microsoft download site, you must have a functional Web browser. If Internet Explorer 6 does not work on the computer after you uninstall Internet Explorer 7, you cannot download the Internet Explorer 7 installation package. In this situation, you can use a computer that has a functional Web browser to download the Internet Explorer 7 installation package. Then, use a shared network drive to install the program onto the repaired computer. If you cannot use a shared network for this purpose, copy the Internet Explorer 7 installation package onto a CD, and install Internet Explorer 7 on the repaired computer from the CD.

If you had difficulty completing these final steps, unfortunately, this content is unable to help you any further. So, you might want to ask someone for help, or you might want to contact Support.

Full Text and instructions are listed here on the M$ Knowledge Base


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