Problems with netgear wireless router and comcast internet

By hardblink ·
Hi,I have comcast triple-play and today I have to reset my wireless router because I forget the administrator password and the guy that setup it for me just, gone. The problem is now I can't connected to the wireless and when I try to configure the router it ask me for IP, mask, something like "IP static resolution" i think, but also, when I connect the the cable directly to the computer it appears with limited conectivity, please help me :S I don't know what to do.

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Dump the netgear

by mjd420nova In reply to Problems with netgear wir ...

I've had nothing but headaches with netgear units, dump it and get an Airlink or Linksys. They've been pretty much plug and play with comcast for me. Spent a whole day trying to get a netgear unit to work, returned it and set up a Linksys in twenty minutes flat.

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Please don't say that :S

by hardblink In reply to Dump the netgear

Yeah, I know that is a piece of trash, but it was working "I don't know how", and of course my roommates are mad all because I reset the router to erase the password, but now the F thing is not working + if I connect a computer directly to the modem I have limit connectivity, and looks like the dcph is not working, I've looking for this in some forums and apparently it takes a while to obtain a ip address from comcast, can somebody confirm that?

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I had comcast and netgear before

by fwang In reply to Please don't say that :S

I believe they are using fixed IP. But if you setup your PC with DHCP, you should be able to get the IP automatically. The thing is, you have to use the same MAC number to get the connection. The one comcast registered when you first got connect to comcast.

If you don't have the same PC, you have to call comcast to change your registered MAC number to the PC's MAC that you are currently try to connect to comcast.

Once you get connected with one PC, write down the MAC number of the NIC of this PC, also write down the IP address, DNS servers, set netgear router to use this MAC to connect (otherwise camcast will not accept the connection). And according to my experience, you better use fixed DNS IPs in netgear setup. I had problem before without using fixed IPs as the DNSs.

Good luck!

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two words

by hardblink In reply to I had comcast and netgear ...


Thank you so much

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I can connect to the internet fine but no email through Office 2007

by prh46 In reply to I had comcast and netgear ...

I am using outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager and Vista Home Premium on a brand new Dell Desktop with Comcasts Triple Play. I use their Modem and my own Netgear WPN 824 Version 1. I have to use Internet explorer to read my comcast emails and have to use yahoo to send and receive emails.

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You need to setup your Outlook to point to the ISP SMTP and POP3 servers

by ManiacMan In reply to I can connect to the inte ...

find out what they are first and they configure a new POP3 email profile in your outlook client to pull the mail.

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Most new routers have what's known as "MAC cloning" feature

by ManiacMan In reply to I had comcast and netgear ...

That's exactly what you're talking about here. Kudos for the solution. ;-)

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Reponse To Answer

by barrett7806 In reply to Dump the netgear

Thanks for the information. A Comcast Rep. came out to my house last night, found out that some type of security setting was incorrect. He changed it and now things seem to be working fine. I have a Linksys router not being used that I will keep as a backup just in case.

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fwang has it right - it works

by tom In reply to Problems with netgear wir ...

i just grabbed the laptop that the comcast guy used to connect (i asked him if he was installing anything and he said no. of course there is this "DeskTop Doctor" in the task area and a program group on my taskbar now). anyway i used ipconfig /all on the laptop he used to test connection to the internet during install. (make sure they use your computer to do this, use one you do not care about polluting with their crap).

jot down the physical address under the network device you are using. in the netgear basic settings screen you do not need to enter anything in the account name or domain name fields. but under 'Router MAC Address' select 'Use this MAC ADDRESS' and enter the mac address you jotted down.

make sure it is in the form XX:XX:XX:XX:XX: using colons and not dashes. click apply and off you go.

i used the wgt624v3 to do this

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Verified True- WGR614V6-

by artcan In reply to fwang has it right - it w ...

I've got the same problem myself and just got COMCAST triple play- about a week ago. Used FIX IP before. With comcast and its DHCP- sam setting didnt work with my netgear. Use solution of copying MAC Address to router and it works. Thanks a lot and hope this lasts. - Art

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