Problems with new cable modem

By glendapotter ·
I recently received a cable modem. USB Cable Modem 351000. When the installers came to install it they told me my computer wouldn't work with it. I have a older Gateway 700c desktop with Windows ME. The techs told me I would have to purchase a network card and I did. In order to get online while waiting to install the network card I had to do a system restore and reinstall my old dial up modem back on. My new modem isn't showing up as installed now and my computer will not recognize it or my network card. The installers left no installation disk. The only thing they did leave was a users manual disk . My friend has the same computer and had no trouble installing the same modem. I know they are the same modems because we received them from work. The first error message I got after trying to reinstall my modem was NC100.inf was missing. I downloaded that driver on the website from the manufacturer of the network card. I have also tried using the ethernet cable instead of the usb. I can see that it has been installed but had trouble with the driver for it also and got that fixed. Would anyone know what is happening here? Any information is greatly appreciated. This has been so frustrating for me. Thank you so much in advance for helping me out or for suggestions.

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Down load

by zlitocook In reply to Problems with new cable m ...

The driver for your modem, be sure it is for ME or 2000. Save it to a place you will remember. The CD that came with it may only be for XP, go into the control panel, add\remove and remove any programs for the old modem. Turn off your computer and unplug it, touch the side of it to remove static. Open the case remove the old modem card or the new one. Leave the side open reboot, if you get any error messages just click ignore or cancel.
Now shut down and unplug, touch and put the card back in. Put the side back on the computer and reboot.
When found new hardware box comes up you can point it to the down loaded driver and hopefully this will fix your problem.
If it works follow the directions on the manual and it should give you IP's or numbers to imput to get you online. If not give their helpdesk a call.

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Now if I remember correctly with ME

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Problems with new cable m ...

The first thing that you have to do is get the LAN Port working correctly. You can remove the drivers for the Dial up Modem or leave them in place just make sure to delete it as the Default Modem.

Once you have the LAN Card working open your Browser and type in the HTTP Address for the Modem and then in the user manual these will be both the Address & a Default User Name & Password so you can get into the Modem Setup.

When you are in there you'll need your ISP Supplied User Name & Password to setup the modem so it works with your ISP. After you have got these details entered into the modem it should just be a case of rebooting the Modem which will be in the Setup Procedure and then allowing it to connect to your ISP and you'll have an active connection available.

If you like you can retain your old Dial Up Modem for emergency use when the other is not working or if you do Internet Banking you'll most likely need to retain your Dial up Modem to be able to dial directly into the bank to do whatever it is that you do there. You only need to remove the Dial up Modem if you have a full stack of PCI Slots and you need the room.


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