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Problems with Norton Internet Security 2004

By cfletez ·
Reccently installed NIS 2004 and since then my system is unstable. Startup is obviously through their control and even my mouse is getting the jitters (literally)! I had great results with AV and PFW alone. None of their online helps even approaches this problem and I resent having to pay for 'advice' most of which is uninstall and reinstall. Four iterations of this is my limit!
Any others with similar probs or advice?

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by Scotty-o In reply to Problems with Norton Inte ...

Several of my family members have recently installed NIS 2004. My brother is unable to send or recieve e-mails or get onto the internet. MSN Messenger works but thats it. My mother cannot even get her computer to open windows 98. It says that an importane .DLL file is missing and she needs to re-install windows. Then, the next day, it will actually go into windows, but she wont have a mouse and nothing will open up. There are some more interesting posts on the Amazon website about problems other people have been having with NIS -

There are about 110 posts, more than half of which are bad.

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NIS problems

by tender3593 In reply to Problems with Norton Inte ...

The first problem I encountered was trying to re-install the software on the same PC it was bought for. It kept telling me that I had exceeded the installations allowed. I called non-stop for 2 weeks, and never got any live person on the line. I sent non-stop emails and all they kept sending back was general to-dos. Suddenly, I tried the same key # for the last time and it went through. I am very disappointed with this version. I have used their products for years and never had a problem.

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