Problems with our clients 2016 and 2019 Remote Desktop Server Farms

By randy ·
Recently we have been having copious problems with our clients 2016 and 2019 Remote Desktop Server Farms. Most issues seem to stem from the connection broker.
We have recently had a problem with clients getting a black screen that may set there for up to 3 minutes before providing the desktop.
Another problem is clients not getting a session at all. Sometimes a reboot of the server hosting the connection broker will fix this. But, we have had at least three instances where we had to completely restore the server from backup.
A third issue is printing. Everything from no printers showing up to printers being grayed out and not printing. It also seems like any GPOs that controlled printers has caused major issues for connectivity and printing recently.
This problems began around the first of the year and continue to plaque us.
We are thinking all out RDP farms have Covid-19!
Anybody know what we might need to be doing here?
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