Problems with Outlook email printing since IE 7 install on all clients

By swisstonihasher ·
Hi there,

It seems IE 7 has a few seems to be printing emails from Outlook. I'm 99% sure the IE 7 update produced this problem as a couple of users could previously print the same emails before our rollout but now they get small fonts and missing header details instead of what's actually on screen. Although the emails have say, font size 12, the actual print out is almost unreadable due to it being so small and it doesn't matter what printer is used and from who's outlook, ie its not the emails or printers, its printing from Outlook.

We also note that emails printed from within the sent items folder have the same problem as above.

I'm going to try removing ie7 update from a client and advise if printing from Outlook returns to normal.

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Any answers yet?

by paul In reply to Problems with Outlook ema ...

I have just encountered the same problem - could you fix it yet?

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Yes, chap I work with found a forum that confirms..

by swisstonihasher In reply to Any answers yet?

Microsoft confirm there's a bug in's causing this problem with small print font on some emails...knew it would be this as its related to HTML use within outlook.

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Any fixes for this problem?

by paul In reply to Yes, chap I work with fou ...

Thanks for your confirmation and quick response. Do you know if there is a fix yet for this problem? I couldn't find mention of this bug on the Microsoft website. Did you overcome the problem, or what have you tried to do to get around it?

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Has anyone find a workaround for this problem

by christy_3303 In reply to Any fixes for this proble ...

I am having the same problem on only one computer. Three computers have downloaded IE7. All three computers are basically set up the same way with the same software.

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Temporary Workaround

by BrackenIT In reply to Has anyone find a workaro ...

If you use Outlook 2003 with IE7, you will need to perform these steps to print HTML emails at normal size:

1. Save the email as a .htm file in a temporary location (i.e. your Desktop).
2. Open the .htm file with IE (just double-click it from the Desktop).
3. Go to Print Preview within IE and change the 'Print Size' drop down to '100%'.
4. Click the print button.
5. Close IE and delete the .htm file you created.

Basically, Outlook uses the IE printing engine to print HTML emails. In IE7, the default print size is 'Shrink to Fit' which causes the email to be shrunk down to one page. Hope Microsoft releases a patch soon, we print a lot of emails.

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Another possible solution

by jwagner In reply to Temporary Workaround

I was having the same problem. Two different solutions worked -- one of which is clumsy, though.

1. You can open the email message you want to print, in the Edit Menu click on Edit Message, in the Format menu click on Plain Text, print. That's clumsy, but it works.

2. I noticed I was having a margins problem in IE7, as well as the Outlook problem. So I reset the margins in IE7 to 0.5" for top, bottom, left and right. This solved the printing problem in BOTH IE7 and MS Outlook. It makes sense now since the previous post taught me that Outlook uses the IE printing engine to print HTML emails.

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Worked for me...

by shreck In reply to Another possible solution

Much better than having the user re-format to plain text! Thanks for the answer

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IE 7 and Outlook 2007

by christy_3303 In reply to Problems with Outlook ema ...

I am testing Outlook 2007 and this IE 7 printing problem doesn't happen for e-mails. But printing certain web pages still does. I just change the Shrink To Fit setting and everything is fine.

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by mbarberini In reply to Problems with Outlook ema ...

Hi, I found tihs workaround, while waiting for a fix from Microsoft for this problem.

- Press REPLY TO on the message you want to print
- Print the message
- Close the message

In this way, it will not print the header related to your reply, but only the header of the original message


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Another Workaround

by Makenzie In reply to Workaround

Go to File->Page Setup-> Define Print Styles. Click on 'Copy' tab, give the Style name and click OK.

This creates another Print Style with the name given in the page setup. Now, for every mail for which you want a print, you need to got to the Page Setup and click on the new print style created; this opens a print window wherein you also have a print preview.

This way you get the header on the print out.

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