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Problems with peer to peer XP networking

I have 3 XP desktops that I need to set up as a peer to peer network. Each computer has the same workgroup name and I set a printer and folder on one computer as shared. I also setup users and access to the shared items. I have done this many times with W2K with ease....
My problem is that I cannot access the shared items from the other two computers. Am I missing something here? I am tempted to re-format the drives and install W2K. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

FYI: I can ping each computer and tried the XP "Wizard" for workgroup networking. Also disabled the XP firewall.

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by jireland607 In reply to Problems with peer to pee ...

can you see the other computers on the network at all when you show entire network?

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by willcomp In reply to Problems with peer to pee ...

Ensure that NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled and that file and printer sharing is enabled.

You can also install NetBEUI protocol. If memory is correct, another similar post on Tech Republic was resolved by doing so.


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by shanna In reply to Problems with peer to pee ...

Make sure you also have identical user accounts and matchiing passwords for each PC ON each PC.

Hope this helps.

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by CG IT In reply to Problems with peer to pee ...

try looking at the local security policy on each machine, specifically, Security options \ Access this computer from the network. Might add in the machine accounts.

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by JWALSH In reply to Problems with peer to pee ...

Thank you all for your help. I tried your suggestions and still had no luck....maybe it's me, but I have not had ANY good experiences with XP. What I did do was to format the drives, installed W2K and everything is working fine.
All of my future desktop purchases will come with a blank drive and I'll install W2K. It's worth the little extra time.
Thanks again.

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