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    Problems with PowerSpec? 6344


    by markfleck ·

    I bought this machine less than a year ago and thus far, it has been nightmarish. The first large problem was trying to get it to connect to a wireless network. Tech support )certainly an oxymoron) from Micro Center consisted of me taking my machine back to the store, being charged $69.95 (it was and still ii under warranty) and a 2 week wait and no work from the store I went to get the machine only to be told there was nothing wrong and what I needed to was to have the hard drive “re-imaged” which would 1) involve probable loss of data for 29.95 or was it 69.95. And I could have them copy the contents of my hard drive onto an 500gig external hard drive I have for $69.95. I then had to remind them that since the machine was still under warranty the $69.95, the “diagnostic work” was supposed to be covered by the warranty. After a lengthy consultation, they credited the diagnostic charge to my account. I ended up having someone come to my house who got the network up and running in an hour. (I also had to be a new router and wireless card.) By now, I’ve close to $300 just to get the damn thing on the network. More recently, it has started to freeze anytime I tried to move from on program or website to another, requiring I re-boot. And now, I’ve lost the color red on my monitor (I tried a different monitor with the same results.) I am not extremely technically literate when it comes to computers, but I am wondering this is a problem with the motherboard or some other hardware related problem? Admittedly you get what you pay for, but I’ve like to the damn thing could work for a year without falling about. Suggestions? Advice? (other than introducing it to a shotgun, teaching it to fly or playing WWI wrestling with it?) Thanks in advance.

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