Problems with router

By creo329 ·
Hi, I've been having this weird problem and I'm wondering if you can help me out. Whenever my laptop is directly connected to the cable modem, the internet is fine and there's no problem. However whenever I try to connect from my router, my computer doesn't even recognize that there's a connection and states that the network cable is unplugged. I've tried reseting the router and cable modem, but no luck. When I try connecting via router to another computer, there is no problem and everything runs fine.

I'm running Windows XP Home with 1 gig of ram.

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Only thing that I can think of is that it's something

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Problems with router

To do with the Router. But even that doesn't make too much sense as I can perform a clean install on a machine and with a CAT5 Cable plugged in it will find an Internet connection through a Router that isolates a sub node to a managed switch and then through the Nix Gateway without a second thought. Quite often after SP2 for XP is installed I have to disconnect the CAT 5 cable to stop this being a problem before I can get a working AV product Installed. Once I get a working AV Product and Mal Ware Applications installed I can then plug back the CAT 5 cable and update the AV and Mal Ware Products without a problem while Windows Updater is running in the background if I've forgotten to turn it off.

Or the other thing the Modem should be connected to the UpLink Port on the Router if this isn't the case you most likely do not have the Router correctly installed.

Or another possibility is that the Modem isn't designed to work directly connected to a Router it needs to be connected to a computer which then has a feed for the router to protect everything inside the DMZ from the computer directly connected to the modem. Some Cable and ADSL Modems need a direct connection to a computer.


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Router has failed

by mjd420nova In reply to Problems with router

For all intents and purposes, the router should be transparent. If the unit sees no connection to the router, the router may be locked down, firewalled or inoperative. See if you can sign on to the router. What lights on the router are on. What model is this?

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Router configuration

by creo329 In reply to Router has failed

The network is connected to the following: Cable modem -> a Sonicwall firewall Soho3 -> a Linksys Befsr81 router. Testing the connection from the modem to the laptop is fine, from the modem and firewall is fine, only the modem->firewall->router is the problem. The lights of the all the lights of the router are flashing except for the slot indicating the connection to my laptop (the router is connected to a desktop and to another router besides my laptop, no problem with either.

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2 networks

by CG IT In reply to Router configuration

The bottom line here is you have 2 routers therefore 2 networks. The first network is the Sonicwall SOHO3. The second network is the Linksys router.

look something like this.

Cable modem > Sonicwall WAN port. Linksys WAN port to Sonicwall LAN port [or the DMZ port] Clients connect to the Linksys LAN ports.

So you have to configure the Linksys WAN port with a static address that is on the Sonicwall LAN, configure the WAN port default gateway as the Sonicwall address, DNS is your ISP DNS servers.

The Linksys LAN needs to be on a different subnet than the Linksys WAN so if the sonicwall lan is you have to change the Linksys LAN to be something different because the default Linksys LAN is also

you could simply get rid of the Linksys router and solve all your problems.

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