problems with senao wireless + XP SP1

By mqy1946 ·
I have connected my laptop which is loaded with windows XP SP1 to a wireless network using senao wireless USB card and I am having the following problems
1. it can hardly connect
2. when connection is established, it disconnects after some time and I have to connect again and so on.
3. blue screens appears very often warning me and tells me to remove the last software or hardware that I have installed and in this case it is the senao card and software I guss becaus it is the last installed
4. some people told me to format and install XP SP2 which works better with senao.
I am asking if I can do something like update or add a softwre with out formating and using the same SP1

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You need to upgrade to SP2 for USB enhancement ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to problems with senao wirel ...

SP2 went a long way to improving the relation between the USB 1.1/2.0 and the XP operating system.

Your problems are due to not having Service Pack 2 installed.

Log on to the Microsoft site and download/install Service Pack 2.

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upgrade from XP SP1 to SP2 for USB enhancement

by mqy1946 In reply to You need to upgrade to SP ...

Excuse my silly question: can I update my XP SP1 to XP sp2 for USB enhancement with out formating my drive. if

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Download SP2 from the M$ site ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to upgrade from XP SP1 to SP ...

Once you've downloaded it, just run it. It will install just like any other Windows Update.

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Another option

If the USB issue does not resolve the problem, you could check out the following:

Do you have the ability to try using the USB wireless device on another computer? That will tell you whether it is the computer or device/driver that is the problem.

Another thing to check is that you are using the latest Senao device driver, the one that came with it maybe old already.

Last, Senao is somewhat known for having these kind of issues, you may want to ask them directly.

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