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    Problems with SSL certificates.


    by markza ·

    A site has just renewed their SSL certifictaes.
    The users of this site now cannot access the site and get the following error message:
    “The information you exchange with this site cannot be viewed or changed by others. However, there is a problem with the site’s security certificate…..”
    If a person goes into the site, who has never been there before everything works fine.
    I have cleared out all of the certificates from their IE as well as cleared the SSL cache to no avail.

    Where to now?

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      You’ve done the correct thing. That kind of message would appear after the certificate expired if it was still in the browser’s cache or still installed on that PC.

      I would double-check the clearing that you did and restart IE.

      Workaround: Install a different browser for the user.

      As you likely know, users getting this message will still have full functionality on the site. They just have to click through the pop-up dialogs giving the error message. They can ignore the problem and proceed, or install the SSL certificate on their own PC and never see the message again (until it expires again :-).

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