Problems with TCP/IP on Windows XP and cannot get XP to do a repair

By 8239pascoe ·
Can someone help me with either of these problems.

First, I was doing some cleaning on my computer the other day and I suppose I went to far because when I was finished I tried to get on the internet and I could not. I started to do some troubleshooting to find out what the issue was. Here is what I am able to do:

I can ping any IP address, but I cannot surf to those addresses; I cannot ping or surf to any web site address. I tried to do a winsock fix to repair the issue but that did not work. I then decided to try an XP repair, which leads me into my second question.

I have an HP machine with Media Center. During my cleaning I decided I would like the 8 GBs of space taken up by the repair partition so I formated that partition (I'm not sure if this is causing the issue). When I put an XP Media Center or Professional disk in my computer asks me to boot of the disk. I can hear it begin to read the disk but than it switches over to searching the hard drive and never loads the XP disk. Also, on my computer I have a hard drive with Linux, but it does not sound like that drive that is the one being accessed.

If anyone has a fix for either of these two problems can you help me. Thanks

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IP problem

by millertimes In reply to Problems with TCP/IP on W ...

What is the ipaddress you are getting? Is it the machine generated? 169.... etc

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IP Address

by 8239pascoe In reply to IP problem

I have a router that is setup to give out DHCP leases and I am getting a router assigned IP of 192.168.1.x. Also I tried to put a static address and DNS numbers and had the same results.

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Slow down..

by mikeadams1137 In reply to Problems with TCP/IP on W ...

Your making more problems, lets solve your primary problem first.

You say...you were cleaning your computer, to what extent? Wire brush to the motherboard or what?

You can ping IP Addresses, but you cannot surf to those addresses? Internet Explorer? Firefox? Mozilla? Netscape?

I would have waited on the repair personally, if you can ping the websites, you just cannot browse to them, we need to verify a few things. All the formatting, changing as you talk, have really complicated things.

Reading your problem...lets do a few things..

The HD with Linux, is that a stand alone HD? If it only has Linux on it, do me a favor, pull it out, remove the IDE cable, take its power away...lets work it out of the equation.

Next...there is no 8 GB repair partition, repair/recovery works from the Windows CDs, and allows you to navigate through the root directories...with proprietor PCs such as HP, Dell, etc...they usually reserve a small 5-8 GB partition, for re-formatting reasons. This partition contains drivers etc...so when you re-format, it automatically loads your specific drivers from there.

Dont worry, I deleted mine too off my dell lap top, you'll just have to use CDs, and or go to the website. I need to know a few things...

Can you get into Windows now?
Can you ping websites?
Have you disconnected the HD containing Linux?

Answer those, I'll check this topic continuously.

Also, be sure to set your 1st boot device to CD-Rom, and then when it says "hit any key to boot from CD", push any key...and then wait.

get back with me.

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by 8239pascoe In reply to Slow down..

1. I am able to get into windows. And everything other then my internet is working fine.

2. I can ping any websites IP address, but not its URL. Even though I can ping their IP I am unable to surf to the site using the IP. I even tried to surf to my router using its IP, but was unable to surf to it.

3. I have not disconnected the HD, but will do so as soon as I am at the computer tonight.

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Having same problem

by lolmeda In reply to Slow down..

I am having the same problem on my pc. I can ping but i cannot connect to any site. also msn messenger cannot connect. I can print to my network printers, i can see the pc on the network and connect to it. I just cannot get onthe internet. Page cannot be displayed. MSN messenger has a troubleshooting when i run that the default gateway gives me an error. Just wondring if anyone has any comments on this!!

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by w2ktechman In reply to Problems with TCP/IP on W ...

Turn off the Win firewall. Do you have a 3rd party firewall? If so, turn them off (temp). Ok, does it connect?
Do an IPCONFIG /ALL does the proper gateway, DNS show up?
Gateway should be your router, IP range should be from the list of your routers dhcp address scope.
DNS should be your ISP's in most cases. If anything is incorrect in the setup, reset your router and dsl/cable modem.

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still not working

by lolmeda In reply to Firewall?

I have turned of the windows firewall and i do not have another firewall. Let me explain in more detail.
Nothing that can access the internet will not work. IE, Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, so on... Now i can ping to my other computers. I can access my network printers. I have file sharing enabled and from my other computers i can access the computer that is not connecting to the internet. I have 6 computers hooked up to a wired switch and 2 laptops connected via wireless. All the computers except 1 can access the internet. I have tried to release and renew the ip but it will not let me renew. I have to reboot the computer to get my ip back. When i release it goes to 0.0.0o.0 when i try to renew it gives me a 169. adrress which is windows default. I also did a ipconfig/all and everything is correct there.

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How many IP's for your DHCP scope?

by w2ktechman In reply to still not working

If your scope was set to 5 IP's and you have 6 systems, then 1 will not connect just as you say.

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by lolmeda In reply to How many IP's for your DH ...

i think this is what yo uare talking about. I have 12 IP's that i can connect to. For example my starting ip is My ending IP is I gave myself a few more ip addresses so when my friends and family caome by they can connect to the network. Again i am getting an IP address on the computer that does not work. I do not have an IP conflict because i can print, and access other computers from the computer. Just the internet does not work.

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try this

by w2ktechman In reply to ip

Look at what IP's aer being used (probably
manually add an IP that is not in use
Does the Internet work now?

Was there an alternate config setup on the system, or a different gateway/DNS? add these statically as well.
Now does it work?

Still no, then it sounds as if it is blocked by a firewall (like symantec Internet security or something.
look through the settings and make sure that it is not being blocked.

Also, try various sites, if your main sites do not work they may have been added to IE block list on the system accidentally.

Also, **** away cookies, cached info and all temp IE files, close IE (all instances) and then re-open and go to a site.

Did any of this help?

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