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Problems with verification during the hiring process

By lanpro ·
I have worked in IT for the past 20+ years. Recently I lost my job due to contract cuts. Being I am an older employee, I know that I have been discriminated against due to my age when it comes to applying for a job or during the interview process. Unfortuneately this is hard to prove. Even though I can pass for 10+ years younger than my age, it is too easy to find out someones age via the Web. Recently I thought I finally found a job that was a great fit & age didn't matter. The employer was in final hiring process verifying my professional references. They received several outstanding references however claimed they needed a reference from one of my past supervisors. This one was hard as my former bosses had retired & moved on. They also could not verify my Bachelors degree as the college I attended 24 years ago was no longer around. I know they were around in 1993 as my past company got my transcript from them with no problems. One Human Resources Rep said they needed my date of birth for the verification process. I reluctantly gave it however I thought this was illegal. Another strange item was that the IT hiring manager un-officially made me an offer of employment. This was before degree verification & before I gave my date of birth. What I need help with is being I no longer can contact my former college for degree verification, am I forced to leave this off my Resume'? Also, what should I do concerning my supervisory references who are either retired or moved out of the area? If there are any other pointers on how to handle the age discrimination factor, I would be very interested in hearing about these.

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Move on and look elsewhere. This headache is not worth the trouble.

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Problems with verificatio ...

It is illegal for the interviewer to ask you about your age or marital status, because that should have no bearing on the job you are being interviewed for. If and only if they make you an offer, they then should run a background check and do the entire reference check, but I never disclose any personal information on an initial interview or thefeafter until I get an initial offer from them. I usually go through recruiters, which avoids the whole referenece and age verification crap, so give them a try if you don't mind. You will never stop age discrimination and idiotic HR policies, but you can do your part by not giving them ammunition to use against you. Also, if you are really good at what you claim and can walk the walk and talk the talk, then references won't matter much. Rarely has anyone asked me for references or doubted my abilities based on my resume and interview. If they start asking for too much information from me, I simply tell them that I won't engage in this HR bullcrap and if my resume and interview didn't prove to them that I am legitimate, they can take that job and shove it. Call me arrogant, but I have the balls to get up, tell them straight out that their policies are complete bullsh*t, and walk right out on them if I don't like the stupidity their HR dept throws at me with reference checks, urine samples, DNA tests, and the likes. Yes, you have to convince them that you want the job and you are a perfect fit for them (typical crap recruiters tell you), but you know what, that's all crap and I'm in it for me and to make money so I can pay my bills. I have been thrown out on my *** from so called "employee-oriented organizations" which brag about having loyal employees and them being loyal to employees, but I quickly learned it is all a lie and that you need to look out for yourself and not the corporate pigs you work for. Unless you work for yourself, stand your ground and don't let them abuse you and dispose of you like an old rag. Yes, we all have to deal with corporat politics, but we don't have to like it. In my case, I don't like it and refuse to deal with it, which is why I prefer to be self-employed.

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This is the kind of stuff that will drive you nuts

by BillmanL In reply to Problems with verificatio ...

With 20 years experience who cares where you got your degree from? This is the kind of stuff that has driven me nuts in my own search for a new job. I had one online job application that had High School GPA as a required item! I have 10+ years in IT what does my high School GPA have to do with anything?
I would not worry about your alama mater being closed. If they ask about verifying your degree explain thge deal and see if they can be understanding.
As for former supervisors, I would just give them your prior companies HR phone number and say that they would have to get the info from them. My prior employer has a ver ystrict policy of don't speak to anyone calling to verify employment or for a refernce. Everything must go through HR so that they can limit the company's liability.
Go luck with your job search.

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