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Problems with Vista seeing HPprinters on XP

By magda46 ·
I receive a message, "Windows cannot connect to printer. Specified port is unknown." After following advice elsewhere I installed Network Magic and now I get an error message, "0x00004003"
Please help. I have used up tons on time and am beyond my own resourses.
Thank you

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In all seriousness...

by TechExec2 In reply to Problems with Vista seein ...

If you persist in trying to make Vista work for you, you must sign up for an extended problem solving effort.

In all seriousness, if I were you, I would erase those Vista installation(s) and install XP. Then, in a year or two, if you still want to run Vista, try again. I would not waste any more of my time trying to make Vista work right now. Vista, applications for Vista, hardware for Vista, and drivers for Vista are just not ready.

In my case

In my own case, I took it one step further: I chose to permanently switch from Windows to Linux after Vista came out (1). Microsoft serves Microsoft first, not customers. If you persist, you'll get Vista to work through upgrading your applications, upgrading or replacing your hardware, and finding/waiting for drivers that work with your hardware, all at great expense. But, in the end you will STILL be subject to WGA capricious de-activation (2). I'm just not going to sign up for that, and pay a handsome price in the process.

Despite what Microsoft clearly thinks, this isn't about them and their next billion dollars. It's about ME and my needs for computing. I am going to cut my losses and invest in other computing platforms instead. And, I encourage everyone to do the same. Enough is enough!

Good luck!



(2) Some voices of the victims of Vista's capricious WGA de-activation

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This might work 50/50 chance

by rcugini In reply to In all seriousness...

Find out the oldest version of Windows that the printer can use. Usually, that is Windows 2000 unless your printer is as old as mine.

Uninstall and then reinstall the printer using the Program compatibility wizard for Windows 2000 in XP. Then do the same for Vista. Yes, Vista has the same wizard. The point is to have the same old driver being emulated with the same version of Windows. You can set this up by looking at properties in the setup.exe file. (or whatever its called) Then, network the printers. Tell Vista that you are adding a network printer. Copy the whole install CD to a folder first and then set compatibility for Windows 2000.

If your printer is truly ancient and you have a choice between emulating NT or 98, emulate NT.

The trade off if it works is less security and with a reduction in speed that is hardly noticeable.

Like I say, I heard that this works and it seems to make sense in theory.

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In all seriousness...

by Fil0403 In reply to In all seriousness...

...if you persist in trying to make Linux for you, you must sign up for an extended problem solving effort with extra period.
I agree, enough is enough: let's stop this thinking that one is smarter just because one uses Linux and let's stop trying to fool people into thinking Linux will require less effort from you when problems arise, compared to Vista.

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Vista seeing printer on XP

by Northlite In reply to Problems with Vista seein ...

From your post are you networking the Vista computer to use a printer that is attached to an XP computer?

In Control Panel, Choose Printer then Add Printer, Choose Add Local Printer, Click Create a New Port, leave default Local Port, Click Next, a box will come up type in the actual printer address \\YourXPComputersName\YourPrintersName, it will look like something like this \\HP\OfficeJet, Vista provides the drivers for my HP All-in-One, HP told me if I want more functionality I had to buy a newer one and was happy to provide me with a link to which models they do write Vista drivers for, I picked my printer from the list, I left it shared and printed a test page.

In my case I see this as a way for all the hardware vendors such as HP to jump on the new operating system bandwagon and now that you switched you can also buy a new one of their produces. I opt for reduced functions as I have found I can use the options of my printer by just using another program rather then installing the 300megs off the HP CD.

Hope this helps,

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Vista File and Printer Sharing

by a-kimbb In reply to Vista seeing printer on X ...

Vista is more secure out of the box, so sharing takes a few more steps. Microsoft has published two very helpful articles; one for the more technical:; and one for the less technical:

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Same problem, but fixed.

by navyvet655blue In reply to Problems with Vista seein ...

Go to control Panel/User Accounts and turn on our good friend "User Account Control". Reboot, install printer and say "yes" when UAC prompts you. You may want to turn UAC off and reboot. I am finding UAC is often times like a firewall, besides a pest.

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Same feature, but different opinion.

by Fil0403 In reply to Same problem, but fixed.

Isn't that "pest" the same feature that was so great about Macs and made them so secure? Maybe if you would have an idea of the security gains of using UAC you would have a different opinion (or maybe not).

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