Problems with Windows and Internet Explorer

By hkdorlon ·
I recently took my personal PC to work and connected to their network. In doing so, something on the network infected my computer. Now when I try to access websites through explorer I can only go so far. For example, I can access the staples website but can't access the link to log-in. I can access Dell to build a computer but can't make it past the CPU page....I can't advance to monitors, accessories, nothing. When I access Yahoo mail I can see the e-mails I have received and who they came from, but no text. I can access Mapquest but can't print instructions. Actually nothing will print from explorer yet the printer is fine and will print from any other program. When I tried to download Mozilla Firefox thinking it was my browser it will bring up the page to download but won't allow me to acces the link for the program.

I tried to perform a system restore but when I click on "Initiate System Restore" all I get is a blank white screen. Same with when I try to add or remove hardware. It's bizarre. I have Spycatcher and Norton and neither have been able to find anything. Although when I try to run a manual Norton scan it brings up the Norton window but won't allow me to scan.

The server we're on at work is through Linux. Any ideas?

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System Restore

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Problems with Windows and ...

Rarely does system restore work when you boot windows normally. Instead, boot into safe mode, by repeatedly hitting F8 as the computer starts up, and you should have an option to run system restore. Make sure to restore to a point BEFORE you connected to your work network.

I hope this helps.

Craig Herberg

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if i am worried i have a virus, i scan with antivirus software

by sgt_shultz In reply to Problems with Windows and ...

you could confirm that a virus is the problem by booting in safe mode with networking and see if the problems reproduce.
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by Moose 245 In reply to Problems with Windows and ...

My first step would be to talk with the IT person at work and ask if they have an addon or other program to limit IE on computers at work that could have installed on your comp. If that is the case the IT person can tell you what to do to fix it. My next step would be the suggestion of using safe mode to check for virus and to restore the computer.
Hope this helps.

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IE problem

by lotel In reply to Explore

The IT department config.another software program that conflicted with IE. I am wondering if the administration is allowing internet access to their employees.If you connected on their server your computer would assimilate their confg and ultimately damaged your setings. If you have a legal copy of your program DO A REINSALL.?other wise you will be screwing around for the next 2 months.Good luck

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Simple answer to the problem

by Mike_Milko In reply to Problems with Windows and ...

Your IT department has policies for different levels of users. Unfortunately you have had your desktop policies changed by logging on from within the network. You are now at your work level of desktop restrictions, set to work in the corporate environment.

You'll have to reset your desktop policies.

I don 't know if you want to bring this to your IT departments attention though as most companies have Network Useage policies in place that this is in violation of. Could / should get you fired.

To bring in a home computer and put it behind the corporate network is a really bad idea. It confirms studies that show in excess of ~80% of corporate networks security problems come from the clients within.

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