Problems with Windows Firewall Enabling

By socrates_says_no ·
okay i have been trying to enable my windows firewall ICS in my network settings and it told me that it was unable to start. So i go to computer management after reading this site to start the service. it brings up error code 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start. What does that mean and how do I fix this?

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Re: Problems with Windows Firewall

by christianshiflet In reply to Problems with Windows Fir ...

It most likely means that one, or multiple, of the services that the Windows Firewall is dependent on is also not currently running. If you have the Services console open (Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Services -> Services) right-click on the Windows Firewall service and select Properties. From there, click on the Dependencies tab and it will list all of the other services that also need to be running properly for the Firewall service to start.

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No result

by socrates_says_no In reply to Re: Problems with Windows ...

I went to that and did the properties thing and there are no dependencies. But however, when I click to start it, it's still saying the dependencies failed to start. Same error code of 1068. ANd in the dependencies tab it just says "Win32: The dependency service or group failed to start." However, randomly, when I connect my smartphone, every now and then, if i click the change firewall settings when i have the smartphones LAN connection selected, the ICS will start up randomly. Are there any programs that could be interfering with the ICS starting up???

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Re: No result

by christianshiflet In reply to No result

Alot of programs can interfere with the Windows firewall. The most likely culprit would be a third party antivirus/firewall program such as Norton Internet Security or something similar. Assuming that you aren't running any other firewall software, the dependencies for the Windows firewall should be Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Event Log, Windows Management Instrumentation, and Network Connections services. Ensure that all of those services are running and that the startup type for them all is set to Automatic in the Services console except for Network Connections, which should have a Manual startup type. Please let me know what you find. Thanks.

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Try this

by IC-IT In reply to No result

The firewall/ICS depends upon;
Networks Connections (which in turn needs Remote Procedure Calls)Set these to manual and Automatic.

Windows Management Instrumentation (also needs RPC) set both to Automatic.

I would also download MalwareBytes and run it in Safe Mode.

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removing windows firewall

by socrates_says_no In reply to Try this

unfortunately all the settings are set and such. the only problem i had was i could not set the Remote Procedure thing to manual. I DID have norton anti-virus corporate on my laptop at one point but i got rid of it because it slowed me down to much. I think parts of it are still on here. I can't find it in REGEDIT either. The only problems i think it might be is the DrWatson crap in my System32 file. Try deleting them and they reappear. I just downloaded Comodo and am going to replace windows firewall and more than likely, just remove it entirely. Seems to be an easier solution than trying to make it work.

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If you don't get it figured out

by Kenone In reply to Problems with Windows Fir ...

You could always use zone alarm or comodo, I think they're better firewalls anyway.

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by SKDTech In reply to If you don't get it figur ...

Just about any commercial firewall is better than Windows Firewall. I would recommend finding a third party firewall solution myself particularly if you are having problems with the Windows firewall.

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comodo failed

by socrates_says_no In reply to Firewalls

I am just going to remove ALL firewall junk off my computer and install a linux based one. I've had only one Linux written software go bad on me and that was an OS that booted from a CD. CD was scratched. Any recommendations?? Comodo by the way is HORRIBLE!! It completely blocked my internet connection and I use a wireless adapter. I couldn't even access it's panel so I removed it and did a system restore to quite a ways prior to it being installed. The system restore didn't even fix my firewall problem. And now, my ActiveSync software for my SmartPhone can't even connect to my phone anymore with this issue. Thanks for all the help guys but I think I might just have to back up all my data, and just do a HD wipe and reinstall. If there's an easier way to just fix windows firewall entirely (like uninstall it completely) that would be much appreciated.

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