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Probs. after DC IP address change

By jw2k_fr ·
I have had to move a DC from our main office to establish a small regional office. The machine has undergone an IP address change only (name is the same - installation of server was carried out in main office) and I now need to re-establish communications between this BDC and other DCs in the main office.

I have created an LMHosts file on the local DCs with the relevant IPs and machine names and run "NBTStat -R". (IPs used for main office servers are internal addresses)

I have WINS installed in the main office with a static entry for the remote DC.

My main office uses Network Address Translation.

The remote DC has an LMHosts file (except this has the external addresses of the main office DCs) and have run "NBTStat -R"

As a first test to verify comms I am trying to open the event log on the remote DC. However, even with ping times under 100ms I get an error back saying that the server cannot be found. I have also attempted to use Server Manager to synchronise the remote DC with the main office PDC, but get the same error.

Is this project at all possible, and how else could I force the local DCs to see the remote one? The change of IP address was made last wednesday, thought I'd make a fresh start this morning, but no luck!

Any suggestions / prior experience would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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Probs. after DC IP address change

by -Q-240248 In reply to Probs. after DC IP addres ...

WINS static entry should be removed. THis is not a dual-homed machine.

WINS should be configured in your TCP/IP properties of the remote BDC (just insert the address). Check this. Now ping the WINS server. Then ping the name. What is the result?

Next-resolution over a WAN link.
Ports may be blocked on any of the routers between the DCs. Check these. Specifically, ports 137-139 are used for Nebios and WINS, among others. The routers may not be forwarding these UDP port traffics.

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Probs. after DC IP address change

by jw2k_fr In reply to Probs. after DC IP addres ...

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Probs. after DC IP address change

by jw2k_fr In reply to Probs. after DC IP addres ...

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