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Probs with Domain setup

By coyledavid ·
Using win 2K server. New install. Workgroup works fine. Trying to set up domain on home network with 3 clients. As I try to set up domain with chosen name, get this message:
"...condition caused by DNS lockup problem. Go to website:
The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted"

A bit rusty with networks. Had no prob with my server on NT4. Didn't ask all these DNS questions! Can I make up a DNS address? I have a Broadband connection using the USB, but shows up as a network connection. It does not have a specific DNS setting, but the connection seems to be DHCP enabled. I don't think this has anyting to do with the Domain problem, however.
Thanks in advance if anyone can give me pointers as to how to set up a simple domain in this situation. Will look up that site in the meantime.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Probs with Domain setup

Active Directory requires DNS to work, so you need to install DNS via Add/Remove programs, Add Windows Components, Network Components.
Configure it and set up a zone eg.

Then run DCPromo to install AD and it will use the DNS zone for your domain.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Probs with Domain setup


If you are trying to setup a home domain are you intending to create a web site? If not, and you are simply setting up a home domain network then you should name your domain .local. For example it should be:


Your server will then be servername.homenetwork.local and your clients will be clientname.homenetwork.local

If you call it .com then DNS will attempt to verify the existence of the .com domain, which of course does not exist because you have not set it up.

Your server needs to have a static IP address (for example) The server also needs to have the DNS server setup on it, and optionally DHCP as well. Your clients DNS settings need to point to the server for the primary DNS address and the IP address of the gateway (if you have internet set up) should be the second DNS server address.

Good luck

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by jhayesit In reply to Probs with Domain setup

the other thing, that you need to do is have the network cable plugged into the server, otherwise it is going to fail.

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by Lameei In reply to Probs with Domain setup

For a domain u need a win server with DNS and active directory installed.
For DNS u can install it form add/remove programs and windows components.and then for installing Active directory from start menu choose run and type DCPROMO then a wizard will help u to install it.
now that u have AD u need to joint the clients to the domain.right click on "my computers" and choose "properties"and the in winXP from the "computer name"option choose "change" type the name of the domain.

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by coyledavid In reply to Probs with Domain setup

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