probs with PSU

By adamklshw ·
I had to install a new PSU which is a little more powerful than my previous PSU this was due to 2 pops and and a bang from inside which turned out to be that just that.
After that i replaced it with a new PSU and the problems started,

Firstly the light at the back of the PSU comes on after pressing the power switch on the PSU itself (MODEL-hiper modular type R)without the main connector to the motherboard in and nothing else connected to the PSU and Motherboard its quiet.

Secondly after placing the main connector to the motherboard i get a very quiet but high pitched sound coming from the CPU area.

Please if you have any ideas of what the problem might be let me know as soon as possible and then i can continue with my IT Engineering course but this problem is just something that has helped me proceed anyway, but it would be grateful for a speedly answer yours sincerely

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Often a blown PSU

by w2ktechman In reply to probs with PSU

may take out other devices.
As for the green light on the PSU, this is normal.
As for the sound from the CPU, make sure it is not the fan, check for damaged components near the area.

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by adamklshw In reply to Often a blown PSU

The fans on the PSU dont spin even when the power light comes on but there doesn't seem to be any more power going through the system at all and the PC doesn't even start up its POST its just the high pitched sound that i receive and i'm not sure how to check the other hardware components around the CPU area such as the fan, incidently the fan on the CPU doesnt spin either lol i think i do need help in my my early stages of IT training yours pleadingly MR A KILSHAW

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Then I suspect a new MB

by w2ktechman In reply to IM STILL UNSURE

will be needed. It does appear that the PSU took out your MotherBoard. The PSU Fan is not on probably because it detects a short and is saving itself from a failure.

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by adamklshw In reply to Then I suspect a new MB

I thank you for your speedy response and will take your advice for a new motherboard although if you have any other advice on what else and how i can check for the problems before i spend loads please send any information regarding my subject yours sincerely MR A KILSHAW

(p.s. i will use your wise mind of PC's again thanks)

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by mjd420nova In reply to Thanks

Strip the unit down to only one memory card, the video card and MOBO. See if it starts. If it won't start then, suspect the P/S and MOBO. Once you get the minimum load items to boot, start adding the hard drive, sound cards and any other plug in card and optional drives. The sound effects you heard could have been multiple items failing as a result of the P/S failure. It is possible that the P/S took out the whole machine. Good luck

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