Procedures for activating logical recovery drive

By maudiib1211 ·
I am told there exists a procedure for restoring a PCs OS from the logical Recovery Drive from HDD without having to use a Recovery/Installation CD.I have looked and read articles and books but still unable to find the information.
I am also told that the procedure has something to do with using function keys immediately after restarting a PC. Can someone help me with this matter?
Any and all responses are greatly appreciated.

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On some it is

by IC-IT In reply to Procedures for activating ...

the F11 key.
If you would let us know the make/model, then perhaps it could be narrowed down.

(On a few systems you can use disk management to set the partition as active, reboot and your off to the races).

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Procedures for activating logical recovery drive

by maudiib1211 In reply to On some it is

The computer in question was one I was repairing for a friend: HP Pavilion Desktop with Windows Vista OS. It's about 2 yrs. old and the indication was that one or more of the system boot files were either missing or moved. I could not get into the computer enough to see what happened. I fixed it but with a Re-Installation CD from another system's CD. It worked because luckily I had access to the CD and finagled with it until I had all the drivers and associated software.
I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527 Laptop with a Recovery Drive (I have all the OEM installation discs) but in the event that in the future I don't have one when/if needed, it's nice to know alternative methods for solving problems such as this.
Your suggestion, I think, will probably work on most computers because I saw the function option upon reboot.
I thank you for your support and still will appreciate any future reply.

Thanking you in advance, again!


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