procedures in creating a microsoft access 2003 payroll system

By ej_barbs ·
how to create a procedure on microsoft access 2003 payroll system

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by jck In reply to procedures in creating a ...

1 make a design
2 implement your designed tables
3 create your designed forms
4 write code behind your designed forms
5 test your access application
6 create a locked mde

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Payroll App

by sagkc In reply to steps

Pretty much as the first response. Do a good job of IDing all your entities (nouns) tables up front.
You might want to consider the following. With it being payroll which is confondential and important you might think about having a behind the sceans transaction tracking so every transaction entered is logged to a table who entered it, when it was posted ect.. If there are issues at any time you can query it and know exactally who, what and where. The seconded thing you might consider is tracking the security and users movement through the system. Third you might consider custom error handling so you can have finer control over error handling and future upgrades, fixes and improvements. Fourth a simple in app To Do List with notes you'll always have multipble things in various different places to do and its an easy way to stay sharp. What else Oh a million things just remeber that the users will want to play with it, **** on it before they'll take ownership of it so be preparded to roll out version 1.1 quick. Have fun and document your code and logic be kind to the future smooo who will be working on your app what the **** you code is doing esp. impotant if your pron to writing spegetti code. Good luck, God Bless Shawn

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Bad start

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to procedures in creating a ...

Acess for an app this critical?

As for steps, you are going to have to expand a bit. What features must you have, what data would they require. Gievn you don't appear to have a clue, why are you tasked with this?

Start drawing. An Employees table would be a good start. How are you going to collect how many hours they've worked. PAYE, tax, insurance, pension, overtime, frequency of payment, cheque runs, BACS...

Me I'd buy an off the shelf solution for this, unless it was a classroom exercise.

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