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    Process just hangs


    by foringmar ·

    A computer that I maintain at work has all of a sudden developed a lockup of some sort. So far I have encountered the following symptoms.
    1) There are no error messages in the logs.
    2) When trying to restore default settings in Internet Explorer 6 the process hangs.
    3) When trying to change the start buttons behavior to Traditional start menu, the process hangs.
    4) Neither of the processes in 2) or 3) creates any error messages. They just hang the process.
    If anybody have any idea about what to look for I would appreciate it.

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      by foringmar ·

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      What are you running?

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to Process just hangs

      What operating system are you running?
      How much memory do you have installed?
      How much space do you have on your hdd?

      Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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        My answer

        by foringmar ·

        In reply to What are you running?

        OS = Windows XP pro
        Memory = 2 GB
        Free space on C: = about 26 GB

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