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process running

By BiggieG ·
Has anyone ever heard of a process running called

If so, what's it for?


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by Joseph Moore In reply to process running

Nope. I am unfamiliar with that file name. It isn't a standard Windows file that I am aware of. Plus, no Google or MS Technet hits on it.
So, try this. Get a copy of STRINGS.EXE from Sysinternals:
STRINGS is a program that will search for clear text in a file, and display it in a Command Prompt window. Run STRINGS against this .EXE file, and look for anything that you can use to find out who made the file.
Feel free to post what STRINGS tells you about the file.

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by SativoComputerServices In reply to process running

do a search for the executable and right click it to see properties. on the tabs check for a vendor mark or any info included in this. microsofts name will always show up on their files. most vendors willinclude this as well. also check the date of the file and see if it cooresponds to any software installs. the physical location on disk may give you a clue too - c\program files\xyz company\srasamservice.exe

also, check your services window and find which service launches the executable. you may get some information from the service description, also check its dependancies.

you can also do a check in your registry as well for the filename, that may yield more info.

it scares me when i dont know whats running, i have seen a lot of spyware programs that are installing as services now that people get off the internet.

good luck, let me know hopw it turns out

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