Processer Performance

By rcsawyer2 ·
Looking for advise. I am wanting to purchase a new system. The options I am looking at offer a quad cord 1.8 ghz processor OR a due core 2.7 ghz. Will I notice a big difference between the two for personal use using multimedia Photoshop CS3 and a few other programs? The price difference is significent. Thanks Rebecca

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Processer Performance

Quad core is going to be faster.

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Well it depends on what OS you plan on using here

by OH Smeg In reply to Processer Performance

If you want to run XP you will not notice any difference between a Dual & Quad Core CPU as XP only supports 2 Cores.

If you want to run a form of Windows and use all of a Quad Core you need to use Vista and not the bare bones version either. So if you are comparing Identical hardware except for the CPU here and are comparing a Dual Core on XP and a Quad Core on Vista then depending on the configuration of the hardware there may be a slight difference to a reasonable speed difference. The Quad Core on optimized Multi Threading Software will always be faster but as Vista is still working out Issues it may prove better to go with a Dual Core and a Proven OS then swap the CPU latter when Vista becomes more reliable. The Dual & Quad Cores made by Intel currently share the same Socket and Chip Set I'm not sure what the situation with the AMD ones are but with Intel CPU's it's just a matter of swapping the CPU when the price drops to a reasonable level to move to Quad Core CPU. I think that AMD is the same with the AM2 Socket but I'm not 100% sure of that.

Of course if you are considering using the Nix version of Adobe's CS3 then by all means use a Quad Core CPU you'll notice a massive difference in speed provided that you have enough RAM fitted.


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Operating System

by rcsawyer2 In reply to Processer Performance

I will be operating with Windows Vista Home Premium addition with 4gz of ram. I just dont want to pay for the upgrade if it is not going to be a noticable difference.

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You will notice a difference

by OH Smeg In reply to Operating System

Not sure about speed of the Software though.

But editing Pictures and the like will be faster than on a Dual Core.


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