processes running on my computer

By tqmiso ·
Do you have or could you point me to a book or electronic database that describes all the goofy named things running on a computer? When I do a control-alt-delete and hit the processes tab, this long list of things pops up. From the names or identifiers the average person can't tell what these things are. Some could be viruses or whatever and I would never know it was a bad thing. I can't tell the good from the bad or even if I want some of these things running on the computer taking up resources. When an uninstall is run, the programs leave a lot of stuff on your computer and I would like to eliminate all of the program I just uninstalled, but I don't know how or what to delete.

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google each one

by The Scummy One In reply to processes running on my c ...

Some of these change depending on the SW installed and running. Many can be turned off because they are not needed at startup, some are not needed at all, and others may be malicious.

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Google each one

by tqmiso In reply to google each one

I don't know if I sent this before or not. I was trying to get some other info and it may have been sent by the system.
If not, Thank you for the quick reply. I will try to google these and hopefully eliminate some.
By the way, your computer name suggests you have something to do with ponds. My son and I own a Koi farm.

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Actually, it came about

by The Scummy One In reply to Google each one

as a joke, but I like it anyway. On my alter-ego (w2ktechman) I was harrassing Steffi28 pretty good, and the outcome was that I was pond scum. So I created this account to reflect it... LOL

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by robo_dev In reply to processes running on my c ...

as well as google.

but be careful to understand what you are deactivating or removing.

Not to discourage you, but the really good viruses run as hidden processes and even name themselves the same as legitimate processes

It would be somewhat easy to detect if the name of the process was 'EvilTrojanBastardVirus.exe', no??

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Be careful

by tqmiso In reply to

Thank you for the reply. I will definitely be careful. I have enough problems without generating more.

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Try Windows Defender or Ccleaner

by ComputerCookie In reply to processes running on my c ...

Windows Defender allows you to turn of Applications not just processes.

For example if you tell it to remove your printer applications from startup (which you should)it will stop the 4-? processes the the printer manufacturer wants to run at startup.

You do not need Office (any variety), Adobe or any other application to run at startup.

You can Google each process as previously and untick from MSCONFIG or used Ccleaner to delete from startup if you want to.

Depending on your Security applications and video card there are only a handfull of processes required for startup.

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Try Windows Defender

by tqmiso In reply to Try Windows Defender or C ...

Thank you for the reply. I will look into this program.
I appreaciate the quick responses I have received.

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