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By davorin.bogovic ·
Please help me to speed up Athlon AMD-751 from 700 MHz to up as it`s possible

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by dmiles In reply to Processor

You best bet is to view the OverClocking guides on the wed,see tom's hardware for reference to overclocking

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by davorin.bogovic In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to Processor

The AMD 751 is part of the slot A chip-set for the original Athlon processors.

There were 2 versions of slot A CPUs.
The original or "classic" Athlon, and the Thunderbird series.
Basically, the Thunderbird slot A's are first generation socket A Athlon CPUs mounted in a slot A package.

Which CPUs you can use are limited by your system BIOS on the motherboard.
Many slot A motherboards do not support the Thunderbird series CPUs.

Start with the motherboard manufacture, and check for a list of supported CPUs and a BIOS update.

Then, check e-bay and the surplus PC part sellers such as:
For Slot A CPUs.

If memory serves me well, the fastest "classic CPU is 950 MHz.
The fastest Thunderbird is 1100 MHz.

The slot A CPUs were speed locked at AMD.
The tweak sites do have some information on how to overclock these CPUs.
However, it involves cracking open the case and adding components to the CPU assembly.

Generally, I advise against over clocking.


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