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Hi ya'll I came Across information about processor clocking which increases the speed of the pc now my real problem is how do you know the speed you will get if you don't have the manual of your mother board? and what speed would a P4 2.4Ghz be after clocking?

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Well a couple of things here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to processor clocking

When you Overclock a CPU you increase the heat that it generates and shorten it's life.

Now if you are willing to push ahead and run the risk of complete Hardware Failure all you generally need do is Open the BIOS and manually Set the CPU Settings. Here all that is required is to change the Multiplier and Base Speed and that will list the Supposed Speed of the overclocked CPU.

That doesn't mean that the CPU will be reliable at that speed just that it will clock to that speed it may refuse to load an OS or in the event of a Windows OS it is likely to BSOD often.

If you have a M'Board that Supports Overclocking all you need do is set the % that you want to overclock and the M'Boards BIOS will do the rest.

But increasing the speed of the CPU by either overclocking or changing the CPU for a faster one isn't the best way to improve performance. It's far better to increase the amount of RAM that is currently installed and that will have a dramatic effect on the speed that appears to work with the computer.

With a 32 Bit OS you do not need to exceed 4 GIG or System RAM but with a 64 Bit OS you can fit what the modern M'Boards can carry.

As for the M'Board Manual you can always download one as a PDF File from the M'Board Makers Web Site.


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