Processor DOA?

By dr.llvll ·
I've built 8 different custom computers for myself. I'm working on my ninth now, but still don't know that much.

Anyway, my ninth is just refusing to work. I tried the setup one way, then realized I had another mother board so I switched the mother boards out and tried it that way. None of them worked! It's driving me crazy.

They do absolutely nothing. The fans spin and if the harddrive is plugged in the harddrive light comes on, but nothing else happens. No beep codes. The screen never gets a signal.

Until I'd switched out the motherboard I'd assumed the Mother Board was bad, but now I'm wondering is the processor is bad. The Motherboards I used were:
"Abit LG-95Z Motherboard - Intel Socket 775, MicroAT"
"PCChips P17G Motherboard - V1.0, Intel 945GC, Socket 775, MicroATX"

The processor was a:
"Intel Pentium D 925 3Ghz DT 800FSB Socket 775"

I don't know it just seems like the likelihood of having two bad motherboards is a lot lower than one bad processor. And it does absolutely nothing! Like I don't know how this tends to work usually, I never really paid that much attention, but even the Caps Lock key won't toggle on and off.

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Depends at was used first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Processor DOA?

It's possible to destroy a CPU with a Faulty M'Board so it's possible that if a M'Board is shot it's taken the CPU along for the ride.

Your description is a bit vague when you turn on the unit do the fans keep spinning or do they shut off after a short time?

If the fans keep spinning the PS is continuing to apply power to the M'Board so the M'Board is working at a very basic level. With ATX PS's they should run for a second or so and then shut off if they do not receive a signal from the M'Board to continue working.

As for the listed M'Boards from past experience the ABit ones are good and the other one is only useful for junk. I've seen lots of the PC Chips M'Boards die or just not work from new and because of the way that they come I've never actually used one though I have repaired thousands of systems that use these M'Boards over the years and in every case I change the M'Board for something different that continues to work.


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Mother Board

by ComputerCookie In reply to Processor DOA?

Why not buy a decent motherboard???????????
This has been an ongoing problem for you, but you still buy cheap ####

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No post, no keyboard, no number lock

by Mayhem1969 In reply to Processor DOA?

If you don't get to post, you shouldn't get keyboard strokes. If the mb is getting power and your connections are correct, the only thing I would suspect it would be is the cpu. At this point your only choice appears to be a complete breakdown and rebuild. I agree that the chances of both mb's being down is slim, but not impossible especially if something is getting shorted out.

I think you will need to pull the processor, swap it if you can, and if not check your pins to make sure none of them are bent and it seats correctly (I know, simple but not unheard of). Rececheck your connections from cpu fan and power to hdd, peripherals, and whatever else. Try it again. If that doesn't work you've got to suspect the cpu. Swap it if you can and post again.

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Why a New Thread

by willcomp In reply to Processor DOA?

Why start a new thread? And those who helped on previous one would appreciate some recognition.

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Solution is SMPS

by rupeshvkumar In reply to Processor DOA?

The problem may be due to power supply connectors. The SMPS connected by you will have an extra four pin square shaped motherboard power connector apart from the regular rectangular motherboard power connector. If you haven't connected these two motherboard power connectors you may not get the display. Also check the output wattage of your SMPS. Whether it is sufficient for your high end motherboard, If its not get one with higher wattage.If these dont work out possibly post a detailed report of your problem

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2 things..

by demosthanese In reply to Solution is SMPS

1) sound to be like you just mounted your mobo wrong and its shorted on the case. Use plastic (or atleast non-conductive) seperators. If you are 100% sure there is no short, take everything apart and put it back 1 peice at a time. I had a similar problem where i basically had the entire system laid out on a glass table running fine.

2) its been 19 days since you posted back so im going to assume you found the problem and didnt thank/end.

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