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Processor fan

By dkmc00 ·

I have a question regarding the processor fan.
Does it **** air AWAY from the processor or ONTO it?
I thought it is supposed to suck the hot air away from the processor heat sink but on my PC(Dell) it is blowing the air back on it (that's how it was shipped).
Which is the right way ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by TheChas In reply to Processor fan

"Normally", you want to **** the air down onto the heatsink.

One reason to **** cool air onto the heatsink instead of pulling hot air through the fan is that you keep the fan cool, and prolong the life of the fan.
Another is that the 'best' cooling is at the edges of the heatsink fins.

Further, depending on airflow in the case, 1 side of the heatsink might run MUCH cooler than the other if you sucked the hot air away from the heatsink.

For a desktop style PC, there is a slight advantage in pulling the air from the heatsink in that hot air rises, and you get a benefit from natural convection cooling.

With a tower style case, ideally, you **** cool air onto the heatsink, and suck the hot air out with a fan at the bottom of the power supply.


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by dkmc00 In reply to

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by dkmc00 In reply to Processor fan

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