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By Prabhu Atluri ·
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Hi, I have Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 0 @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz (2 processors)

so this means i have a total 4.00 Ghz processor ?

There are 2 processors installed to my mother board.

but the max speed i am getting is 2.3 Ghz.

It showing all 12 cores in Task Manager but speed is limited to 2.3 Ghz with turbo boost on in bios and utilizing 100 % CPU.

Please suggest and help.
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In short no.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Processor Speed

The clock speed since the beginning has been written as a single core's clock speed.

While we have 6 cores and HyperThreading in this model it does not mean we multiple up the single core clock speed by 6 or 12.

CPU Spec:

A well written app and OS can leverage all the cores and threads but again no to the initial question.

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so it will be 2.0 Ghz only ?

by Prabhu Atluri In reply to In short no.

I understand what you said.

but what i dint understand is, what the use of the 2nd processor when its not helpful ?

if only one 2.0 is getting used, why the other 2.0 ?

and the software i am using are adobe after effects and premier pro.

and finally, if i have to increase the speed, do i have to change the processors or the mother board ?

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The other cores (let's define processor as the entire "chip")

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to so it will be 2.0 Ghz onl ...

The other cores can do things like deal with the video display, sound generation, file I/O, networking and what ever else is going on leaving the (poorly written I might add) application to get the full attention of a core in the processor.

-> I can not tell you if the Adobe versions you have are multi-core or not as long ago they were not and today they are.

There were folk that derided the move to multiple core processors but most today don't make an effort to tell us anymore. ? They most likely slice their own bread or rip it apart with their bare hands?

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will server os help ?

by Prabhu Atluri In reply to The other cores (let's de ...

I have 1 small doubt though, if i install windows server OS instead of windows 10, will it help use both the processors at same time ?

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Re: Server OS. My answer is no.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to will server os help ?

In fact for Adobe my bet is it may make Adobe apps a little slower.

-> Maybe you forgot to tell what issue is making you ask.

Most of the time I find folk with old technology Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) and complaining about boot and other delays. Easy fix: Swap to SSDs.

Other times we find issues like they have 1 or 2GB main memory. Sometimes we find an ancient graphics card.

Here you have an excellent CPU ⏩ with many cores, hyperthreading so delays are not going to be there or the OS.

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My Problem is

by Prabhu Atluri In reply to Re: Server OS. My answer ...

My main problem is,

I do video Editing.

and as the CPU is 100 %, things are getting slow.

I have a 32 gb ram, 6 gb graphic card, 1 TB ssd installed.

but because of processor speed, things are getting delayed.

my GPU and RAM are only used 40 %
but cpu is 100%

so, i am not understanding what to do and what else to upgrade.

i was thinking, may be some settings which i have to change to boost my CPU. as i am not ready to spend money now on buying anything new.

as i have a server board with 2 processors with 6 cores each, i thought, total 12 cores will be used.

but, in BIOS, its giving me option to activate max 6 Cores.

How ever, its showing all 12 cores (6+6 cores of each processor) in task manager, but, max i am getting is 2.3 GHZ.

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Then it's as it should be.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to My Problem is

Again, about cores. This CPU has 6 cores. The reason you see 12 in say Task Manager is because this CPU has hyperthreading and not 12 cores.

I can't guess why anyone would limit the core count in the bios. Maybe someone was testing out ideas? Leave it with all cores enabled.

-> About 2.3 GHz. That's correct as well.

Finally, video editing is a big load. Many new to this think it should be faster (it isn't.) And for those with the budget they build/buy a machine like the following:


1. Enable ALL the cores.
2. GPU and RAM may only go to 40%. Nothing broke there.

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All are enabled

by Prabhu Atluri In reply to Then it's as it should be ...

I have enabled 24 processors in ms config in boot.

as i have 2 sockets with 2.0 Ghz each
each socket has 6 cores, so total 12 cores
and logical processors are 24 in total.

but max speed i am getting is 2.30 Ghz.

So finally, i think there is nothing i can do to make both the 2.0 Ghz (Total 4.0 Ghz) make working.

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Sounds OK, except for where you add GHz.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to All are enabled

It's been decades of computers and yet not one adds the GHz up like that.

Here's a better analogy.

Think of all those cores as LANES ON THE HIGHWAY. More lanes didn't increase the speed of the cars. You do get more miles traveled, but still the same speed.

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i understand

by Prabhu Atluri In reply to Sounds OK, except for whe ...

so end of the day, my processer is only 2.0 Ghz then.

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