processor speed ?

By gogotraining2 ·
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Hi Guys,

i want to know If I increase my Ram using the visual memory

do it increase the speed of my processor?


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No, it has no effect on processor speed

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to processor speed ?

Increasing virtual memory only increases the amount of hard drive space used to store data when installed RAM begins to be fully utilized. Only ways to increase processor speed is thru either replacing CPU with newer, faster one or over-clocking, if available, the CPU.

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to speed up CPU

by shahirkb2blog In reply to processor speed ?

the only way to increase the cpu speed is overclock, if its availble in cpu.

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This will help you

by amybros2018 In reply to processor speed ?

No, this will not increase your processor's speed. this will help you only in increasing hard drive space used to store data. You have to replace your CPU with newer faster version or also you can try overclocking.

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processor speed ?

by maxistress In reply to processor speed ?

performance in compute bound workloads scales proportionally with clock speeds.

Architecture and core count are issues that make these comparisons "not equal."

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