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By 2arts ·
My computer has an AMD-KG-Z @350MHZ.
What should I buy to have a great upgrade.
OR should I buy a new computer.
I have changed a few things in the tower , I am not afraid to go in there, like the memory & drive g. I am willing to change the drive & the processor and the OS. I just do not want to do do something stupid.
Advice most appreciated !
Ken Clark

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by Jaytmoon In reply to Processor Upgrade

You can add more system Ram to (perhaps) 512Mb Max. If the system uses an onboard video chipset and has an open AGP slot you could install a better video card.You have likely done all you can with that PC though.
The cost effective thing to do would be to look for a newer system if the existing one is not doing the job anymore. There are great deals on new systems. Also consider donating the old pc to a school or Non-profit group for a tax deduction.

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by TheChas In reply to Processor Upgrade

I assume that you mean a K6-2 350 MHz CPU.

Depending on your motherboard, the fastest CPU available is 550 MHz.
These are no longer being made. So, you will need to look on the used market, or E-Bay to find one.
Make sure to check the manual for your motherboard to verify the fastest CPU that is supported.

If you are running Windows 98 or Me, adding RAM to a maximum of 384 MB can help IF you run memory intensive applications. Otherwise, 128 to 196MB of RAM should be sufficient.

If you are considering changing to Windows 2000 or XP, it is time for a new PC.

While you may be able to install a new motherboard in your case, you will also need a new (larger) power supply.
Also, unless you have a much larger than normal hard drive for a system of this age, you will want a new hard drive too.

If you are looking to buy a system, check with your local PC retailers before looking at Dell or the big box retailers. You should find better systems at reasonable prices.

How much PC you need depends on how you use it.
If you play graphics intensive games or work on digital movies or images, you want a fairly powerful system with a good graphics card.

If all you do is surf the net, and basic word processing, just about any PC will do the job.


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by wcp In reply to Processor Upgrade

I say buy a new system.

Your CPU is about 3 generations behind.
A new system with Duron 1.6GHZ (133MHz FSB), 256MB DDR266, 40GB HD, and Windows XP Home can be had under $400.

If you really really want to upgrade your CPU, I can sell you a K6-2 500MHz. Give me an offer.

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by grbeckmeyer In reply to Processor Upgrade

You can still get a new AMD K6-2 500mhz at for $17. That might be worth it since it's so cheap, but it's still going to be an old, slow computer. I see specials from Dell for a 2.4 Celeron system for $400 that would **** the doors off yours even if you install the 500. Depending on how adventureous you are, I would also strongly consider doing a major upgrade. You would need at least new Motherboard, CPU, Memory, and probably would be better off also getting WinXP and maybe a new case/Power supply. You probably won't save much money right now, but in the long run would be better off as your system would be more easily upgradable.

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by Devinefv In reply to Processor Upgrade

Computers are really quite cheap these days! You can get a pretty high end system and use most of what you already have [Monitor, Printer, Mouse, and keyboard. Though some adapters may be needed 4 the moouse/Keyboard]. When you get the new system, it will most likely aready come with WINXP [no upgrading needed.
Good luck!

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by wlbowers In reply to Processor Upgrade

Dell is currently offering a 2.4gig celeron, 128meg ram, with a 80gig harddrive upgrade, cd burner, 17" monitor, inhome service, free shipping.

Nows the time to buy a new system.

It's hard to beat that price.


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by harobroys In reply to Processor Upgrade

I just assembled a new computer It has been running for 4 months . I like it.
The Shopping List
-Gigabyte Ga-8KNXP Mother board Version 1.0
-Intel P4 for 800 mhz FSB any speed over 2.6 Ghz that is on sale
-2-512 MB Ram Kingston DDR(400) non ECC on sale as a pair
-2 40G WDC Harddrives- a good start more gigs if you have a lot on old HD's
-Mitsumi Floppy
-Plextor PX 708A DVD/Cd Burner(all formats)Best Quality and It comes with Roxio which I like.
-Dual Head Gainward or PNY FX 5200 video card
-2 NEC 19" CRT Monitors-Crt's are going to be hard to find very soon, and after that expensive!
-Antec 1080AMG w/430watt PS(Too big for desktop) or Antec Sonata or Lian-Li Aluminium Case
-Klipsch Promedia GMX A-2.1 Speakers-Nice
-Keytronic LT Designer Keyboard-none of those internet and shortcut buttons you never use!!
-Logitech Wireless mouse
The Motherboard has every feature you will want for extra $20.
The processor chip should have enough power till 4 year upgrade time
I find 1.0 Gig Ram More than adequate.
If you want to play with parts they might as well be NEW and Worth your Time

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by harobroys In reply to

Oh I forgot - I bought XP Home YOU Will really want WinXP PRO !!
Also I live on east coast and purchased most everything from Monarch Computer - close to me low shipping and good price too.

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