Processors for a gaming pc help!!!!

By Petersnoboard93 ·
Im building a gaming pc and i do not know which of these 2 processors to buy. I am on a tight buget so the max i can spend on a processor is $300.


Here is a website where you can compare them, the intell seems to be ahead ***(red = selected on the graph

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Which CPU?

by jeremiehutson In reply to Processors for a gaming p ...

I would go with the Intel Core 2 Duo. Even the lower end CPU's you can get at the price you want to pay, and the benchmarks are awesome. AMD can not touch these (yet), and the Core 2 Duo's are awesome overclockers!!

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Don't take my word for it

by JamesRL In reply to Processors for a gaming p ... has a tool to compare CPUs and Video cards to determine which is better on specific benchmarks.

For CPUs, using a timed demo of Call of Duty 2, the e6600 scored 180, the Athlon 6000 scored 161(where the benchmark is frames per second, higher is better). Still its pretty close, if you found a real deal on one, it might break the tie.

If your budget is tight I would recommend spending less on a processor, and more on a video card. In the vast majority of games, the GPU is far more important than the CPU.


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by Petersnoboard93 In reply to Don't take my word for it

Thanks for the advice i think ill got with intell.

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What are you thinking for a video card??

by JamesRL In reply to Thanks

Thats a bigger decision.


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