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I'm basically new with HP Procurve switches but i wanted to know how to configure let say a 2900-24G switch to propagate vlans (10,20,30) to 4 other 2610-24 switches.

vlan10 - users1 -
vlan20 - users2 -
vlan30 - servers -

i have my servers connected to ports 1-16 of 2900. while ports 17-20 are my links to the other 4 2610s.

i want to separate users1 and users2 from seeing each other but they need access to the servers of course.

what could be the configurations i have to set on 2900 and 2610 switches? can i make the 2900 act as my vtp server and the 2610 as client? please help...

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Either you are using a separate Routing Device which is connected to all VLANs (for e.g. a Firewall or Router) which is Default-Gateway within all VLANs and then you define the allowed communications at this Firewall/Router (this solution is ok as long you will not have problems with bandwith cause all communications are transported through the firewall or router gateway).
Otherwise you need to activate Routing at least at one switch (so the Switch has an IP in every VLAN) and then you create an ACL (Access-List) where you define that the Users-IP-Networks are allowed to communicate to the Servers Network or you just block Users-Network 1 to users-network 2 and vice versa and allow all other communications. Anyway you will need a device which is normally default router within all vlans and which can handle the traffic by security features. So either the Switches itself or an additional device like a firewall or Router.

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Very well explained!

by rajagopalan.durairajan In reply to Solutions

Solution to the question looks solid!

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