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Product ID duplication

By biginjin ·
Even though we have an appropriate number of Windows NT licenses, we have several workstations with the same product ID because my predecessor used the same disk and product key to install them. Is there a way to replace duplicated product IDs with unused IDs that should have been used without having to reinstall NT on all the workstations? I tried freeware programs called Keyfinder and EMCO OS License Modifier, but neither one worked. I need to get our licensing legitimate! Thanks

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Product ID duplication

by timwalsh In reply to Product ID duplication

By definition, you are legitimate. The key to legitimacy is having the correct number of software licences.

While auditor's eyebrows may raise when they start seeing duplicate product IDs, as long as the number of licenses you can produce meets or exceeds the number of installations you have, no legal action can be taken (or is warranted).

The practice used by your predecessor is by no means unusual. When you have multiple installations to accomplish, it is often easier to open one package and use the same disk for all installations.

This practice was possible with all Microsoft software prior to WinXP/Server 2003. With the advent of Software Activation, having unique product IDs for each installation is a must if you are using the retail or OEM versions of software.

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Product ID duplication

by MoonDoggie In reply to Product ID duplication

Alot of people use the same CD for workstation installations, in fact if it's alot of workstations with identical hardware and alot of configuring and applications to install on each machine, a popular practice is to install all the software and hardware on ONE pc, take an image of the hard drive after configuration is in place and load all of the remaining computers with that image via cdr or the network. So I wouldn't go so far as to say your predecessor was lazy, just prefferred to work smarter rather than harder. The end result was the same and the network is still running. Have you ever sat thru a NT install lately? Like do that 50 times?

That being said, I think maybe you're looking for a make work project and if your proceed with whatever registry hacks or 'freeware cracks' you might use try to change the workstations product keys you might cause yourself more alot grief than you bargained for.

If you've got all the licence's you are legit.

No worries.

The number one rule of networking if it ain't broke don't fix it.

If you do decide to go through with 'legitimizing' your network let us know how you made out, should prove to be an interesting tale indeed.


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Product ID duplication

by biginjin In reply to Product ID duplication

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