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    product key


    by mehta_deepika81 ·

    Recently i have purchased a laptop from amazon with ms office 2007 installed. When i open MS Word/MS Excel, it ask for product key. Please let me know where to get this product key?

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      Product Key

      by bizzo ·

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      And don’t forget my thumbs up! 😀

      (Edit: Darn, didn’t realise this was in the discussions!)

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      Check your purchase receipt or invoice

      by nicknielsen ·

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      If you paid for a license for MS Office, it should be part of the itemized listing. It should also have been fully installed before your laptop was shipped. I suspect you have a demo version loaded and must purchase a license from Microsoft to make it legal.

      If you need an office suite, but cannot afford the MS Office license, evaluate OpenOffice ( as an alternative.

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