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    Product Keys


    by sinegugup ·

    I Wanted to ask how can I find my Product keys for a Windows XP Pro?

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      by cmiller5400 ·

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      To find the product key used in the system, use

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      by pierrejamme ·

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      If you really want to know the Product Key and not generate keys then this is the place to go:

      ProduKey v1.04
      Copyright (c) 2005 – 2006 Nir Sofer
      Web Site:

      all the other programs I have tried just seem to generate pirate keys, including jellybean in my experience.

      Simple test run it on a computer yyu know the product key of an see what is returned. When I ran jellybean it gave me three different numbers and none of them were correct.

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        Keyfinder DOES work

        by allan ·

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        I ran KeyFinder on two PCs with known (good) Product Keys and it returned correct keys on the o/s systems on both PCs; be aware that product keys exist for many applications as well as operating systems, e.g. M/S Office suite, FrontPage (on its own!), etc.

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      by shkfaiz ·

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      Dear Friend,
      go to
      and download the software
      and OPEN your respected WIDE eyes
      You will see you Product Keys !!!

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      Keyfinder etc NO GOOD if your system does not boot!

      by allan ·

      In reply to Product Keys

      Keyfinder is great if your Win system boots normally – so is produkey.exe
      BUT IF your system – like mine! :o( does NOT boot at all, then keyfinder and produkey do NOT work! What we really need is a product key finder that will work from the C:\ systrm prompt from within the Windows Recovery Console!!! Anybody got any suggestions??? PLEASE email me at I’m REALLY stuck, thanks to several power cuts from my electricity provider that have corrupted my system so bad that bootcfg, bootfix and fixmbr do not help. ARGH!

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