Product or macro that will bulk-replace image hyperlinks in MS Word?

By barry ·
I have seen some previous discussions regarding search and replace of hyperlinks with MS Word, but the default Word solution (ALT+F9 to reveal hyperlinks) is a less than ideal solution to the problem at hand.

Does anyone know of a macro or product that will allow one to search and replace all occurrences of a given string within the document's hyperlinks, whether or not those hyperlinks are text-based, or hidden within an image in the document? It would be great to find a tool that would support that bevahiour on a single Word document, even better if it could be used to alter all the links within all the:

1. Word documents or Word document templates within a folder
2. Outlook templates (*.oft) within a folder
3. Outlook Express templates (*.eml) within a folder
4. Mozilla Thunderbird templates

As you might surmise, I need to be able to generate HTML email templates for users, but each time a group of templates is generated they must contain different links. The status quo is manual adjustments; I would prefer something more automated that doesn't leave any gaps.

Make sense?

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Tool that I use

by MarcusD In reply to Product or macro that wil ...

Hi Barry,

I use one tool that maybe can help you. Application is called ReplaceMagic and you can find it on

I used tool for big files migrations where links where broken. It supports changes in hyperlinks, OLE object links and texts in different parts of documents.

For me it was extremly usefull.

Wish you luck,

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