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    Product or macro that will bulk-replace image hyperlinks in MS Word?


    by barry ·

    I have seen some previous discussions regarding search and replace of hyperlinks with MS Word, but the default Word solution (ALT+F9 to reveal hyperlinks) is a less than ideal solution to the problem at hand.

    Does anyone know of a macro or product that will allow one to search and replace all occurrences of a given string within the document’s hyperlinks, whether or not those hyperlinks are text-based, or hidden within an image in the document? It would be great to find a tool that would support that bevahiour on a single Word document, even better if it could be used to alter all the links within all the:

    1. Word documents or Word document templates within a folder
    2. Outlook templates (*.oft) within a folder
    3. Outlook Express templates (*.eml) within a folder
    4. Mozilla Thunderbird templates

    As you might surmise, I need to be able to generate HTML email templates for users, but each time a group of templates is generated they must contain different links. The status quo is manual adjustments; I would prefer something more automated that doesn’t leave any gaps.

    Make sense?

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